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Report/Discuss Q and A and Interview Spoilers Here (Full Spoilers)


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First 20 minutes or so.  Omitted previously answered questions or irrelevant side stories.  Paraphrased when partially relevant.


Q: Where did the idea of zombies come from?
A: You mean Hinderstap?

Q: Inaudible

A: Yes you mean Hinsderstap.  It came out of working with bubbles of evil and Harriet saying to me, at one point, the book’s not creepy enough.  She told me to go read the scene with the dead rat (EotW), she said get me some more creepy. Things are supposed to be getting worse and worse.

H: Inaudible.


Q: As a fan of the series, what was your reaction when you were first asked to write this?

A: Omitted (answered before)


Q: Has working on another author’s books influence your own writing?

A: (Yes. RJ’s strengths influenced Sanderson’s, such as foreshadowing and using a ton of characters)


Q: Are you going to do any more prequel books for the Wheel of Time?

H: No.

B: Easy answer


Q: How does it feel to be done?

A: (Sad and satisfied)


Q: How old were you when you decided to start writing?

A: (16, right after starting to read WoT)


Q: What was your least favorite part of the entire process

A: (Extensive revision process is extensive; also keeping track of side characters and getting their voices right is tough)


Q: Will there be an “ask me anything”?
A: (Yes, there will be a spoiler Q&A once people have had enough time to read the book)


Q: (Was it different writing for a series that has already been mapped out)

A: (Not really, because he normally maps out his books anyway)


Q: Has it gotten any easier to dig through RJ’s very personalized and maddeningly genius organizational system?

A: You’d actually have to ask that of Maria and Alan since they are the ones that dig through it.  I gave up on that after about two months into the first book.


Q: Newer fantasy authors that he would recommend

A: (Omitted, so I can avoid looking up spelling of the author names)


Q: (To Harriet) Now that the series is done, how does it feel and what will you do now

A: I feel very satisfied that it’s complete; very sad that it is another occasion for me to say ‘goodbye’ to Robert Jordan. The last five years have been a series of one goodbye after another, and none of them were easy. (omitted with some discussion about the encyclopedia, which she noted was due by contract in 2008; hopefully out in 2014)


Q: (Stormlight progress question)

A: (Stormlight 2 will hopefully be out in Fall 2013, but if not then in Spring 2014)


Q: Which character will you miss writing the most.

A: That’s a good question. Most people ask me what my favorite character is and that’s Perrin; it always has been Perrin.  I’m actually going to say Mat because Mat was one of the ones I struggled with to get right, and Mat, for me, was an evolution from Gathering Storm to Towers of Midnight and then finally this book when I feel like I finally got him, like I really understood him.  In this one, I finally got down the mix of incorrigible silliness and complete awesomeness.  (remainder omitted)


Q:  (To Harriet) Best or most important memory through the books?

A: (She really liked the first section of tEotW and made Tom Doherty read it)

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Last 15 minutes or so

Q: Can you still read the books and appreciate them after The Wheel of Time being your job for so long.

A: (I still read Jim’s books and enjoy them. I don’t normally re-read my own books after they’re done except to look up things for sequels)


Q: (Presumably about the notes) Was there anything in there that surprised you.

A: There are two things that stand out that are moments when I was looking through the notes that I was like “oh” (surprised-curious sound) and there was one that I was like “oh no” (dread)

The two that I was like “oh” were in tGS when Egwene gets a special visitor and colors of dresses were mentioned.  That one was one of the scenes that Robert Jordan had complete. I had to write into it and write out of it but the important parts that you’re thinking of were done by him.  The second scene was in another section that he had complete where, at the end of ToM, someone you hadn’t seen in a while and someone else have a romantic moment together and that surprised me.  I was not one that was expecting that, it was well foreshadowed though and I actually went to Team Jordan and was like “This? What?” and they were like “No it’s in there. look at this and look at this; look at all the foreshadowing” and I just completely missed it. Those two were the surprising moments for me.

The kind of “oh no” moment was when he didn’t actually write the scene (omitted) in tGS, there is a scene where a certain member of the Forsaken gets spanked and Robert Jordan wrote “This happens, and she gets spanked.”  And I was like “I’m not going to write this; I’ve never written a spanking scene.” (remainder omitted)


Q: The female characters from your books are strong and independent women, what is behind that?

A: (His mom and strong female fantasy authors. Though he noted he was disappointed with his female characters in Elantis)  (long discussion about the virtue of avoiding creating stereotypical character roles (e.g. female love interest, wise old man, etc) and instead create characters.  Praised RJ for avoiding the former)


Q: (To Harriet) How do you feel about the graphic novel process?

A: (The artists do great work, but the they don’t do well at keeping schedules)


Q: What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

A: (The ending sequence)


Q: What comes first, the magic system or the world, and do you have any influences for your magic systems?

A: (Usually an intertwined process)


Q: (Question about the outrigger)

A: (Couldn’t answer directly because of a spoiler)(reaffirmed they will not be writing outriggers)


Q: (To Harriet) How many books did you edit for Jim before it turned romantic?

A: (Just one)



Harriet read the “wind” paragraphs and said they were important because they were symbolizing the breath of life going into the characters of the books.

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My questions tonight in Dayton, Ohio:



Q: Who opened Cadsuane's box? (Jokingly) Is it intuitively obvious?

A: It's not intuitively obvious who opened the box.  The weaves were removed from the box so that the person who opened the box could open it.


Q: Where was Roedran after the Field of Merrilor

A: (Consternation on his face) He was goofing off somewhere.

Q: And his army? They didn't do anything of note, eh?

A: Right


My take: looks like Shaidar Haran is most likely candidate for Cadsuanes box.  I asked "who" and his answers didn't even identify it as a person (he didn't say "someone removed the weaves")


Also, looks like I was right about him forgetting about Roedran/Murandians after FoM.


I recorded the Q & A, but I haven't looked to see if it's of a quality worth uploading, since I wasn't aiming my phone at him or anything in particular.  I might try to transcribe the session, though, unless the memory keeper posts first


If you can send the audio to me I can transcribe the bits you didn't feel like transcribing. :) I like to have even the redundant questions because sometimes differences in wording are significant.


Thanks Jonrox!


Bummer about Roedran and Murandy. Bleh.


Dom pointed out on TL that you could say this was foreshadowed. I can't find the quote, though...

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Reddit / tumblr user tiffosaurusrex - the person who received A Memory of Light early by accident and who Sanderson asked to not reveal anything - posted the questions she asked Sanderson.



1) Why the decision to leave out the glossary at the end?

Harriet suggested this. She liked the idea of RJ’s words being the last ones in the series, and felt that it was right.


2) What did the other letters Verin sent say?

This is one of those I’d rather not answer, as I wish to leave it to fan discussion.

3) Why didn’t Rand immediately find Mat and put him in charge of the armies?

Rand knew where Mat was (the visions.) Therefore, he knew that Mat was with the Seanchan—so in going to find them, and bring them into the battle, he was doing just that. (To an extent.) Also, he understands that with Mat—unlike Perrin—swooping in and ordering him about is a good way to get Mat going the opposite direction. However, Mat also finds his way to where he needs to be. So, Rand decided to let the Pattern work on Mat, and instead focused on preparing Perrin

4) If you had to think into the future of Randland, what do you picture the remaining heroes doing?

Well, in RJ’s notes, Perrin was to be involved in the Outriggers (which would be the story of Mat and Tuon in Seanchan.) So Perrin would make his way there, eventually. (I don’t know how that would have worked with Perrin’s new obligations.) From here, I stray away from cannon (meaning what RJ wanted) and into my own imaginings. I imagine that Rand went to see the world, becoming like Jain Farstrider. Min joined him, and they saw the world. Avi and Elayne spent decades, maybe centuries, leading their own people before retiring to join the other two.

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4) If you had to think into the future of Randland, what do you picture the remaining heroes doing?

Well, in RJ’s notes, Perrin was to be involved in the Outriggers (which would be the story of Mat and Tuon in Seanchan.) So Perrin would make his way there, eventually. (I don’t know how that would have worked with Perrin’s new obligations.) From here, I stray away from cannon (meaning what RJ wanted) and into my own imaginings. I imagine that Rand went to see the world, becoming like Jain Farstrider. Min joined him, and they saw the world. Avi and Elayne spent decades, maybe centuries, leading their own people before retiring to join the other two.

Wait do Sanderson's words imply that Min has the ability to live for centuries?  or is he just thinking decades on that one?

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  • Was the VOICE Creator? If so, why did he interfere by saying he will not interfere in tEotW? Also, was it the Creator or Dark One that said "IT IS TIME. LET THE TASK BE UNDERTAKEN." in AMoL?

This is my big question. Rand says that he's heard that voice once before, but I can't remember a time when he had heard The Dark One's voice. Does that mean it's the creator from tEotW? Are the Creator and the Dark One two faces of the same being?

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Hi all I got question... is here possibility that Egwene know, that she will die in Last Battle ??


This is especialy for Terez and her question about this prophecy: She stands at fork in road. Gawyn rides up not seeing her. One road leads to violent death, the other, long life. Down one road they marry, the other, not. Gawyn smiles and chooses.


Seriously, her destiny is only thing in the serie that is bothering me the most .... :/


thx for answer or opinions

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No, that was before their marriage so that can't be the fulfillment. (It maybe could have been if they had never married, but since they did marry, that can't be the fulfillment.) When I asked Brandon about this at JordanCon 2011, that's what he said: that it mirrored Min's viewing that had Gawyn either kneeling to Egwene or breaking her neck. He said that if Gawyn hadn't showed up and killed the Bloodknives, Egwene would have died. But when I pointed out to him that the fork dream was about Gawyn's death, not Egwene's, and asked him if, knowing that, he would answer differently, he never answered. So the fork Gawyn chose was marriage to Egwene, and it led to his death. If he had not married her, he would have lived a long life.



In the way of dreams she floated above a long, straight road across a grassy plain, looking down upon a man riding a black stallion. Gawyn. Then she was standing in the road in front of him, and he reined in. Not because he saw her, this time, but the road that had been straight now forked right where she stood, running over tall hills so no one could see what lay beyond. She knew, though. Down one fork was his violent death, down the other, a long life and a death in bed. On one path, he would marry her, on the other, not. She knew what lay ahead, but not which way led to which. Suddenly he did see her, or seemed to, and smiled, and turned his horse along one of the forks...



The end of the dream made it fairly clear he would choose marriage. Egwene (and thus we) just didn't know whether marriage would save him from death or lead to his death.

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Then we cant say that Egwen know about her dead ?? And is there chance to know when was decided that she will die ? :-D I mean from beginning of serie or it was subsequent decision of RJ or it was decision of BS and team based RJ notes ???  :dry:



btw thx for opinions :-)

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Brandon has said that in RJ's last days, Maria interviewed him extensively about the characters and how they end up, with special attention on the more important characters. Peter said that these notes were not contradicted. In some cases that leaves room for interpretation, but IMO not in this one. But at the same time, no one has yet come forth to reassure us with a straight answer.


I do think it was probably planned by RJ, for several reasons, some of which have to do with his little ex-girlfriend revenge fantasy which was evident even before Egwene died, and more mundanely a need for important character deaths for conflict, but mostly I think it was planned because of her Arthurian parallels.


Guinevere is betrothed to Arthur early in his career, while he is garnering support and is Queen of Brittany. When Lancelot arrives later, she is instantly smitten, and they soon consummate the adultery that will bring about Arthur's fall. However, Arthur is not aware of their relationship or adultery for quite a while, until at a feast when he realizes that neither Lancelot nor Guinevere is there. Their affair is exposed by two of King Lot's sons, Agravain and Mordred, and Lancelot flees for his life while Arthur reluctantly sentences his queen to burn at the stake. Knowing Lancelot and his family will try to stop the execution, Arthur sends many of his knights to defend the pyre, though Gawain refuses to participate. Lancelot arrives and rescues the queen, and in the course of the battle Gawain's brothers Gaheris and Gareth are killed, sending Gawain into a rage so great that he pressures Arthur into war with Lancelot. When Arthur goes to France to fight Lancelot, he leaves Guinevere in the care of Mordred, who plots to marry the queen himself and take Arthur's throne. In some versions Guinevere assents to Mordred's proposal, but in others, she hides in the Tower of London and then takes refuge in a convent. Hearing of the treachery, Arthur returns to Britain and slays Mordred at Camlann, but his wounds are so severe that he is taken to the isle of Avalon. Guinevere meets Lancelot one last time, then returns to the convent where she spends the remainder of her life.


It's all backwards, but it's all there. Guinevere didn't actually die at the stake, but Egwene died in a fire of sorts by drawing too much of the Power. Her body was vaporized. Gawyn's death preceded her pyre, and led to it by causing her own rage, as opposed to Gawain being led into a rage by the pyre scene. Egwene was abbess of the convent before her pyre, not after. It's very much in fitting with how RJ did things: the connections are obvious, but at the same time, they're not even close to being the same story.

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Has anyone figured out who is Nakomi?? Brandon said RAFO in AMOL and there are clues, but I for one haven't been able to decipher any... The only thing I can come up with is like Shaidar Haran is a vessel for the DO maybe Nakomi was the vessel for the creator.. Far fetched I know but its the best that I've got..


 I think she was a vessel for the creator myself.

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