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  1. Coming to end is not necessarily a good thing if that end is not perceived as a good ending. Personally, I've reached the point where I'd have preferred the series not have continued after RJ's death based on ToM and aMoL.
  2. I don't think that Gawyn is an utter idiot. I think that there were some issues with how he was written and inserted into the story and much of that results from there being little time to flesh him out. Throughout the books, he's always suffered from a lack of information whether it be about the location of his sister and her friends, the Tower revolt, the reported death of his mother, etc. He doesn't have the benefit of all the information that we as readers have. There is a logic to him going after Demmy during the last battle. He thought that he had the advantage because of the
  3. My biggest issue with the idea of Egwene being the balancer of Rand, is that I've envisioned the 'balance' in the series as being more a see saw, with the forces of the Shadow on one side, the forces of the Light on the other, and the Dragon acting as the fulcrum in the middle. It is after all his choice to agree or disagree with the Dark One that is the real heart of the Last Battle. The shadow's force could defeat the Light armies everywhere and he could still decide to keep fighting. The light's force could defeat the Shadow's armies everywhere and he could still decide to accept oblivi
  4. I came to the conclusion that the letter to Galad concerned darkfriends in the children of the light. And, potentially some things about the disappearance of his mother. But, it would have been nice to see it onscreen. I agree with you on Galad's action during the battle, one of the few things that I thought was done right.
  5. Seriously what is wrong with you xxx? Your are either trolling or have no concept of what you are reading. She didn't actually want Saidin to be tainted, Moiriane told her she needed to break the seals and her death helped heal the pattern itself. Her ending was well done, even people who dislike her have been claiming that. Lastly contrary to what you have so shrilly claimed over and over we now see the direct balance between Dragon/Amyrlin and how they both have a connection to the land. Balance is the main theme of the books and it was highlighted in this instance. There is no connec
  6. I thought the the 'She stands at the fork in road' was fulfilled when Gawyn killed the bloodknives in Egwene's bedchamber while she was in TAR.
  7. For the idea of breeding it out, wouldn't that break one of the long-standing rules of the series that the old blood breeds true? We're hit over the head a number of times with this type of thing concerning the Two Rivers after all.
  8. Props. I bet she'll leave the light on for us....
  9. Yes, a few of us, think something along those lines. Mileage may vary of course.
  10. What are the rules for how big a gateway that a particular channeler can open? I know that it was touched on, I just can't remember what they were at the moment. It takes a pretty decent amount of strength to open one at all, and i think you would need a circle or a strong angreal or a Talent to open one of truly 'game changing' proportions. But the Light had access to all of those things... I was thinking that the size of the gateway was proportional to the person that opened the gateway. Like when Rand was preparing to take the troops to Ceamlyn from Cierhain. It was skimming, I kn
  11. What are the rules for how big a gateway that a particular channeler can open? I know that it was touched on, I just can't remember what they were at the moment.
  12. Yea I got through reading, I still stand by my statement, I reviewed it, and it seems like there's no evidence to disprove what he did was a real thing, and Moridin was just trying to rationalize it. The fat man statue retcon pissed me off. Especially since it seems it came from the debate on these forums. It was obvious something was up, and even with that Angreal, I guess we now have to assume it's powered up and nearly an San'Angreal. I mean, Demandred with the 2nd most powerful Male Sa'Angreal seemed less powerful than Rand at Maradon, but whatever I can deal with that I suppose. I t
  13. Isn't this a trick question? Is the 'first' book first in publication order, chronological order, and does the chronological depend on the time frame of the majority of content in the book?
  14. A little Christian symbolism occurs to me in understanding the epilogue. After the crucifixion and the passing of the sabbath, the women go to the tomb where Jesus is buried. There they meet an Angel who announces that he isn't there. They then go and tell the disciples about the empty tomb. Roughly, at the same some disciples are walking on the road leaving Jerusalem mightily depressed where they meet a stranger. The stranger begins to talk with them and it is eventually revealed to be in fact the resurrected Jesus. Looking at it in terms of Rand's funeral...The women at the tomb
  15. Well, historically in the right circumstances, they were. The problem is that the right circumstances only occurs rarely, and only under the right circumstances. I think that we can chalk this one up to BS not understanding what made the development of the pike significant in history. Or, if he did, not having the time and space to develop its use clearly.
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