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  1. Reddit / tumblr user tiffosaurusrex - the person who received A Memory of Light early by accident and who Sanderson asked to not reveal anything - posted the questions she asked Sanderson. 1) Why the decision to leave out the glossary at the end? Harriet suggested this. She liked the idea of RJ’s words being the last ones in the series, and felt that it was right. 2) What did the other letters Verin sent say? This is one of those I’d rather not answer, as I wish to leave it to fan discussion. 3) Why didn’t Rand immediately find Mat and put him in charge of the armies? Rand knew where Mat was (the visions.) Therefore, he knew that Mat was with the Seanchan—so in going to find them, and bring them into the battle, he was doing just that. (To an extent.) Also, he understands that with Mat—unlike Perrin—swooping in and ordering him about is a good way to get Mat going the opposite direction. However, Mat also finds his way to where he needs to be. So, Rand decided to let the Pattern work on Mat, and instead focused on preparing Perrin 4) If you had to think into the future of Randland, what do you picture the remaining heroes doing? Well, in RJ’s notes, Perrin was to be involved in the Outriggers (which would be the story of Mat and Tuon in Seanchan.) So Perrin would make his way there, eventually. (I don’t know how that would have worked with Perrin’s new obligations.) From here, I stray away from cannon (meaning what RJ wanted) and into my own imaginings. I imagine that Rand went to see the world, becoming like Jain Farstrider. Min joined him, and they saw the world. Avi and Elayne spent decades, maybe centuries, leading their own people before retiring to join the other two.
  2. Haha, I may have worded that question poorly. I wasn't really asking in a sense of 'is there evidence to back it up?' - I've known about the theory for quite a while and much of the evidence behind it makes sense, much as I didn't want it to happen - but more in a sense of 'was it suitably epic?' It sounds a bit confusing and not particularly clear, from what I'm hearing on this thread, so I'm not sure how happy I'll be with that ending - guess I'll find out for myself on January 8th, though. c: Thanks for the information,
  3. May I ask if it made sense with everything else that was going on and if it was otherwise done well? I've always absolutely hated the body-swap theory and so I'm hoping that it will be written in a manner that will make it at least acceptable to me. :c
  4. All the hints you really need are in this topic itself: think about the one word that Terez has been repeating over and over. c: And remember that she was the one posting the chapter titls somewhere.
  5. I tried to be cautious on that front, though. Also, I have to wonder if you're an alt-account; it's not something I expected a 2-poster to find... I think this makes two two-posters. Can't say the titles are particularly revealing, apart from the aforementioned Chapter 20, although I'm quite interested in Chapter 16 for reasons other than its title. But I'm probably just bad at analysis.
  6. The obvious conclusion is that there is actually a chapter titled 'The Burger's Blood.'
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