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  1. I think she was with Perrin and his army.. Atleast thats what i remember
  2. Lan was insane... I was hoping for a Mat vs Demandred duel actually, but the next best thing would be Lan vs Demandred I guess. And it sure wasn't disappointing :D
  3. There were quite a few hints about homosexuals in the book. RJ was more subtle while Brandon was more direct... I don't recall the scenes exactly but I think there is one instance in APOD when Rand gets attacked by the renegade Asha'man, tries to escape and stumbles into a room...
  4. Yeah but that was the case from the start. I think thats why Min had a lot more screen time with Rand too and prob will be the one accompanying Rand in his crusades around the world...
  5. RJ said that Tinkers would never find the song.. But yeah creating a Nym would've been awesome. Especially at the place where he made those gigantic trees grow...
  6. Yup same here. In the end its the journey that mattered and the fact we got an ending is the icing on the cake... Sure things are not perfect in the final 3 books but it was really a daunting task for Brandon and he did his best which is good enough for me...
  7. Yeah Leilwin must have gone on a warder rage right?? So she should be dead too! We dont really find out what happens to her though... Egwenes death was like Lews Therin's death in a much smaller scale actually..
  8. Share your feelings.. No other book/series has ever come close to WOT for me. Re-reading wont be the same again. There will always be a sense of loss... It really is the greatest series ever written.. I doubt there will be any series out there which will even come close to WOT in terms of connect with fans and getting them totally immersed in the world.
  9. Has anyone figured out who is Nakomi?? Brandon said RAFO in AMOL and there are clues, but I for one haven't been able to decipher any... The only thing I can come up with is like Shaidar Haran is a vessel for the DO maybe Nakomi was the vessel for the creator.. Far fetched I know but its the best that I've got..
  10. Makes sense... I somehow believe that RJ also wanted Cadsuane to die... Brandon said he included only 1 POV in the epilogue and that was Cadsuane.. Brandon maybe just wanted to challenge the fans by saying "yeah i know you all thought she was going to die but she isnt.. so Boo-yah!"
  11. Yeah even I would be delighted to have one more book. But the thing is Brandon is now busy with his Stormlight Archive series and I think Harriet wanted a closure from the series. She already said she wanted to end the series with RJ's last words in the book.. RJ has left no notes for the outriggers.. So while we can hope for a sequel, I for one dont really have my hopes up... I'm hopeful that Harriet will give indications about the future of the major characters in the Encyclopedia.. Can someone close to her please beg her to include a bit about Rand, Mat and all :) ??
  12. One question.. Did RJ leave notes saying that Egwene was going to die or was it Brandon who decided it? Or was it the character Brandon said Harriet told him to kill???
  13. For me it was Tam and Nyaneve mourning over Rand. I refuse to believe that Rand would allow Tam and Nyaneve to keep thinking he is dead. I'm sure he will let those 2 know atleast that he is still alive...
  14. ^ Same here... Just wish RJ had written a bit more about the aftermath.. How the world is trying to recover and how each of our favourite characters plan about the future... Maybe a look 5-10 years down the line would have been really helpful... The ending was good no doubt, but after 13 books felt a bit abrupt
  15. Same here. For me the next Wheel of Time book has always been a thing to really look forward to, a beacon in the night... But now that its over its like something really special has been taken from me and I feel empty.. We all have been bonded to the series for so long and now its been severed... I'm satisfied and happy with the end, but was just expecting a bit more on the aftermath.. I was expecting a small snippet by RJ on how and where the main characters would be after say 10 years, but I guess he wanted to leave that to interpretation... I really hope there is a TV series because I just can't imagine the end to the Wheel of Time... Its become a part of me now Yes, it's part of me too and I think we can keep it there by re-reads and participating here. I'd love a pre-quel bout the 20 years where Moiraine and Lan were searching for Rand. I can only hope. I think Brandon made it clear that there would be no outriggers... So all in all the only thing we can wait for is the encyclopedia... Other than that the series has ended for sure.
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