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Moraine's Bond and Finns feeding


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There is a lot of speculation about what Moraine asked for while being held by the Finns, and I am trying to avoid that as a subject, but want to focus on something related to it, so please don't turn this into another what did Moraine ask for thread.


According to Lan - the bond snapped shortly after Moraine entered into the Finn's realm and the Ter'Angreal doorway was destroyed.


According to Moraine - the Finn's took pleasure in feeding off of Moraines power.


Unverified but strongly supported speculation - the Finn's Feast off of emotion from others - examples of this is when they took Mat's eye, when Moraine mentioned that they made a double feast while feeding off of her powers, plus Birgette's and other's comments on the subject.


There are other methods to break a warder bond including severing the Aes Sedai (warders will sometimes die from the shock).  And when a Warder dies or that Bond is broken - it causes lots of emotional stress (there are numerous examples of this).


So here is my theory - that in the process of feeding off of Moraine's powers, the bond was severed or at the least the Finn's specifically severed the bond in order to create the emotions that the Finns love to feed off.


I wonder that the reason they supposedly consumed Lanfear's power and killed her first is that she did not have a warder bond that recently snapped - hence her emotions weren't as strong so they had to be more extreme with her in order to feast off of her emotions better - and this is why (if they were telling the truth) that they drained her too fast.


So with Moraine's emotions from a recently snapped warder bond, she would be a feast without having to drain her much initially.


I know it is somewhat of a ramble, but it is an interesting idea.  Your thoughts - and please leave AMOL spoilers off of this.

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I think RJ did not ever really understand the power of the internet. In those days nearly all discussion took place on the newsgroups. If you don't know what those are then you were not following along overly much. The FAQ also came into existence slightly before that, mostly based off discussions in the rec.arts.sf.rj whatever it was newsgroup.


I came to the conclusion quite a long time ago, that this was a TV moment. Think of Moiraine and Lanfear as a season finale, nevermind that Rand still went to Camelyn.


You have to make her appear dead. If the link still exists, you do not achieve that aim. This is for the fans, to create deep suspense and so on. For at least a couple of years many of us thought she was dead, no matter what Moiraine said to Thom in Tear. Then Min started dropping the odd hint and the cat was out of the bag.


It broke for story reasons, do not look for clarity. Being shielded, being in Finnland, has not had a similar effect before, Moiraine never would have gone through the door in Tear had she thought for a moment that Lan would go insane if something went wrong. By the time she took this action, thanks to Rhuiden she knew the results.


It was a setup to make us think she might actually be dead. As much as I like Moiraine, she better be bloody freaking awesome in the last book to make me think bringing her back was better than her actually dying from a story perspective.


I suppose we are to believe that by the time she went through that doorway, the one in Tear had been destroyed, we have no evidence of that. I don't know who destroyed it, maybe it burnt down the same way. Somehow, having both doors destroyed supposedly broke the bond with Lan, but you can still easily get into the Tower, so whatever. I think it more likely that it was a TV moment.

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