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  1. He was always going to be a wolfbrother, Taveren-ness had nothing to do with it. When they used the portal-stone we were only able to see Rand's potential lives, but Perrin saw them too (off-screen), but he made a comment about not being able to escape it and had tried to scratch out his eyes.
  2. Why would he give up info on robbing the bank. To get the bank owner to rush to the bank on the rumor, so you can go in, and rob it once the vault door is open. The 'bank' or Eye of the World was only accessible by need, and once our heros were there, it was fixed in place and the bad guys could get in and rob it. To bad Rand started to Channel and kill all the robbers. It was a good plan if not for that.
  3. Few extra items, there is a good deal of evidence for Mat being Aemon and per RJ the Dragon is one of the Heroes. Very true, and the evidence gets even more compelling with the Tuon-Elderene comparisons being added in.
  4. There is a situation where Perrin, had trees flowering around him. -- This was when he was in the Two rivers, shortly after finding out his entire family was dead and killed by 'trollocs', Perrin goes to visit their graves. Read this section carefully, they were burried near fruit trees which flower in the spring. The trees were flowering all around him. This was a significant event for Perrin and led him to take action in the Two Rivers. This is the viewing that Min had of Perrin.
  5. what about: Wet dog removes water, Lantern rises high, Roll the Tabac,
  6. It is written as if the author was a scholar living in the world. It reviews events that have occurred up to the 7th book. So if you want to read it, it will contain spoilers for everything before the 7th book. Also as a word of warning, a lot of the information is good, but there are several things incorrect in it. Specifically incorrect in that they are the opinions/understandings of the point of view of someone who supposedly lived in that world.
  7. You have quite a number of misconceptions about the ancient hebrews and the modern day jews.History does not quite agree when the Traveling Hebrews conquered ancient Canaan, which is modern-day Israel. The old testament puts it at roughly 4500 years ago. 1. Roughly 4800 years ago the family of Jacob moved to ancient egypt, found itself enslaved and grew into a nation of several hundred thousand to several million people. The nation of israel was freed from Egypt (the Bible recounts it as miraculous intervention by God) wandered the sinai desert for 40 years, and then proceeded to conquer cana
  8. He cannot hear, "No" as in not yet, but very very soon he will.
  9. Interesting conclusions, but did you consider that due to the nature of the weakening of the seals that it might not be a linear relation as your math suggests.
  10. You have to remember that during the age of legends Channelers were about 3% of the population. Three out of every two hundred people doomed to go insane. Plus only the 70 or so channelers who were at the strike went instantly insane, the rest of the population it was gradual. You had attempts at cleansing the source, followed by attempts to restore sanity and male channellers hiding in the steadings. All of these prolonged the issues, but when people go insane you don't just start killing them, especially if hope to cleanse the taint exists.
  11. I wouldn't consider her out yet. Graendal was basically captured with the gateway explosion, however she may be able to undo her own compulsion without it adversely affecting Sarene (by-the-way there was a viewing by Min about her having a temptuous love affair - presumably with her warder - which hasn't been mentioned yet).
  12. 1) Min has viewing in Baerlon (book 1) 2) Min taunts Elayne in book 2-3 3) Elayne meets Aviendha in book 3 and asks her to watch Rand 4) Elayne and Min meet and discuss things in Salidar 4a) they both now know of the vision and wonder who the third is. 4b) Elayne explains to Min that her friend Aviendha is watching Rand's back for Elayne 5) Min leaves for Camelyn while Aviendha leaves to Salidar 6) Elayne learns that Aviendha is the third person at the same time that Min learns Rand's feelings for Aviendha 6a) Rand mentions when he sees Min for the first time in Camelyn that he loves b
  13. The quote your looking for is when he is about to destroy the Borderland army from outside the city where they are camped inside the protection of the Ter'Angreal that stops sensing of the source.
  14. We don't know that Emarin is dead. As far as we know, he may still be alive. There is a lot of speculation that Emarin and his brother are the same person.
  15. There is a lot of speculation about what Moraine asked for while being held by the Finns, and I am trying to avoid that as a subject, but want to focus on something related to it, so please don't turn this into another what did Moraine ask for thread. According to Lan - the bond snapped shortly after Moraine entered into the Finn's realm and the Ter'Angreal doorway was destroyed. According to Moraine - the Finn's took pleasure in feeding off of Moraines power. Unverified but strongly supported speculation - the Finn's Feast off of emotion from others - examples of this is when they
  16. There are a lot of monsters built into them. Just try to pronounce their tribes out loud, and you will hear goblin, efreet, djinn, deamon, kobold, devil, ect... each one of the 12 bands is a modification of one ore more common monster told in fairy tales. for more info see this: http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/creatures/trollocs/index.html
  17. Since Avhienda is going to have 4 babies at once (min's viewing). I have been wondering on how this is to happen since according to the Rhuidean vision, these appear to be 4 different childern (i.e. not identical, all fraternal). Since Rand seems to make everything more fertile around him - apples growing and roses blooming, etc... So since he makes everything more fertile around him, then does he also make Avhienda more fertile as well - hence 4 babies at once?
  18. Here is a question to ask. Since Rand makes stuff more fertile (examples is making things grow - apples, roses, etc..), is this why Avienda will get pregnant with 4 at once - because Rand makes everything more fertile?
  19. You cannot include them unless you include their mounts as well, Lion and ???
  20. I disagree with some of your conclusions. First the why did they suddenly take Alvia with them, I think is correlated to Min's viewing. I think that while in Camelyn, Min mentions to Rand the viewing of Alvia so He decides to take her with them, not Nynaeve, but Rand. Later on we learn about her viewing as part of an argument. Next, she lost her favored position when in Tear they saw how she reacted upon hearing the Seanchan accent - which said to the group, maybe she isn't as ready as she thinks she is. After this she takes a much more minor role in the group. Lastly, since she w
  21. I think that it was to catch our eyes and remember moraine due to the stone because of the foreshadowing that she was not really dead. There is one specific dream where Eggy describes Thom reaching into a fire to pull out that stone.
  22. I think it was meant that wearing them around his neck means if injured, his own blood could accidentally get on it and activate them.
  23. not repeating plot lines? It happens all to often in this series. Elayne does something stupid, puts her life in danger and kills other people in the process, only to be rescued. -- How many times was this not repeated?
  24. I'd have to say sea folk - walking around all day without a shirt on
  25. This may seem cheesy, but it indicates that one of the wise ones who observed cadsuane provided the info to Elza - aka suggests that one of the wise ones is a darkfriend (Sorila or Amys). Again you are assuming that Demandred is in Murandy, I prefer the theory that was proposed a little while ago that he is in charge of the Sea Folk. This is a combination of two things - one person asked if his knives were power-wrought. RJ said that they weren't. But he did state that his daggers "Thom has very special daggers indeed!" -- conclusion knives are not daggers. Thom lost his best se
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