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Any faces from the original BT crowd still around?


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Orgs are allowed independent websites again? I remember this is what caused the original break and lead to Tayol being couped. Kathana lead some silly collectivist crusade by which all Orgs would have to give up their off-site secondary websites. This caused quite the exodus and disgust. Mostly since on the privacy of the offsite we could use a looser enforcement of PG-13.

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Who are you again? My memory is starting to fail me nowadays lol.


And yes we aren't allowed to have the offsite boards anymore (Vanion still has them up, but they aren't affiliated with DM anymore along with being pretty dead nowadays, Tayol, still stops in there every once in a while though and says hey). And at Shayol Ghul Twitch, Demi, SadinTrue, Apoc, and a bunch of the oldies popped in for a couple of days last month. You just missed them.

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