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Way OT... but Star Wars Episode 7 due in 2015.

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Disney just bought Lucasfilm.


At first I thought this was from The Onion, but it looks legit. If this is true, I don't know what to think.


The good:

  • Lucas is not in charge, so there is hope that the new episodes won't be half-baked like 1-3. If C3PO and R2D2 are back, they could potentially not come back with his 3rd-grade humor and puns.
  • There is a TON of potential-- the Timothy Zahn trilogy (Mara Jade, etc) is pretty much considered canon by most fans (technically Lucas approves all of the book plots, but that one in particular is chief among fan favorites). Besides Zahn's plot (which does have some actor selection issues with continuity), they could go several directions: shortly after 6 (BAD idea due to character/actor continuity), skip to a later point when the older actors who come on board are the right age (yeah, bring back Harrison Ford!); or to where other actors would not be too annoying, a la Annoying Anakin, Spoiled Brat Anakin, White and Bald Anakin, and Original Dead Anakin; or to jump to a later era, or even later to Han and Leia's children.
  • As episode 7, there is no chance of seeing Jar Jar or little-kid Anakin.

The bad:

  • Lucas is still involved.
  • They can't do an immediate followup to episode 6 due to character/actor continuity and will either have to make another huge jump in time, or ruin it with the actors.
  • C3PO was unbearable during parts of 2 and 3. There is more possibility of this if they don't put a leash on Lucas.
  • Could potentially ruin a ton of the books, especially the Zahn trilogy.

The yet-to-be-determined:

  • Disney is the studio. Will they Disney-fy it, or let Lucasfilm work on its own, like Disney's Miramax?

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^Yes, as long as they don't break out into disney songs in the middle lol XD


Hey! I like R2D2 and C3PO!


I love them, but Lucas went WAY overboard with them in 2 and 3, especially in 2 during the big arena battle. "I'm beside myself." I'd rather have more Jar-Jar, though to be fair I didn't mind him very much my first couple times watching.

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C3PO - "What a drag", "I'm quite beside myself" *shudders* - the fact that I still remember those from Ep2 :(


I can't see this being good - if Disney don't take over then we have Lucasfilms in charge who made 1-3 (and 4-6 tbf). If they do then we get the studio who made Purates 2 and 3 (haven't seen 4) which makes 1 seem like a fluke and John Carter (not of Mars)...



Some of the books were excellent, although it's been so long since I read them I can't remember which - the Han Solo prequels and the Thrawn(?) trilogy were great!

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Well, I for one am not too pessimistic with the fact it is Disney due to the fact they own Marvel and The Avengers was excellent, so more of that in a Star Wars universe would be perfect.


What got me was that George Lucas pulled off a piece of cinematic gold with the Original Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, but slowly but surely deteriorated. I will always love the original Trilogy and refuse to let the ewoks and clunky dialogue get in the way.


THEN... Digital remastering... That showed what a complete and utter arse and child George Lucas is. He could have done it much better if he only tweaked it here and there rather than adding in farting beasties and stupid bloody bleeping droids everywhere there was some free screen real estate to be pimped out like a $2 hooker, and abused just as badly. (Yes... I dislike the retouches)


Now, I kinda enjoy the 'Prequel Trilogy' as it has some of my favourite Star Wars moments: Yoda opening a can of whuppass, Darth Maul and the Lightsabre Duel, Pod Racing, The epic space battle at the start of Ep2, the Jedi battle scene at the end of Ep2...

Unfortunately it has some of the worst bits too: Jar-Jar Binks, Bleepy Droids, R2D2 and C3PO, The death of Darth Maul in the first of the trilogies, Young Annakin, Adolescent Annakin, Darkside Annakin, Knowing Annikin just exists, Even worse script writing than before...


So, I would love to see what can be done with the franchise with GL taking more of a backseat because I don't fault his ability to come up with the ideas, merely his ability to execute it in a way to satisfy my tolerance for waffling farty arsey twaddle that taints the first 6 installments.

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You're right, Avengers was excellent! So I'll try to be less pesimistic, and generally agree that your favourite bits were some of the highlights, except I hated the Yoda battle scene at the end of 2 (although it does mean that on the lego star wars game if Yoda has his light sabre out then he'll move at the same speed as the others instead of three times slower)

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The only really half-decent part of 2 was the battle, and that wasn't brilliant. Personally, I liked 1 because of Qui-Gonn, and 3 was pretty good. 2 sucked. The Timothy Zahn trilogy has huge potential, though I say this having only read the second book....

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They have since clarified that it will NOT be based on any of the books.


Wasted opportunity, although maybe not.... Harry Potter 1-3 has shown that great books turned into movies can be total disasters unless you totally abandon several key parts of the books, like Peter Jackson did in LOTR. The formula for a good book and the formula for a good movie aren't quite compatible.


On the other hand, they also flat out said there WILL be TV shows. I'm guessing along the lines of the Clone Wars (which actually was pretty good... at least the movie was.) I'd place my money on the idea that Thrawn will still be done, but will be animated.

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