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Coffee is a great thing!


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So, I've had a couple cups of coffee now, and am having another.


It's already been an interesting morning.


My bosses are getting tired of me being hidden in a far off cube, so there are plans being started of a new work space for me and the other admin assistant. We are basically going to have an area of 3 cubes each with walls built in and quite a few work spaces.


Any ideas of what I should suggest to have in my area?

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a printer, fax, an extra monitor, storage space.


We are getting a high efficiency color copier/printer for our work area. I can ask for an extra monitor and we are figuring on what we will need for storage. We are figuring at least 6 file cabinets and a few bookshelves. I want an area for FedEx supplies and we are planning on a work space to make binders.

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