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Have Y'all Read Chapter 1 of AMoL?

Auld Manriva

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In case you've not noticed; Tor.com posted Chapter 1 of AMoL on their site today.

Chap. 1 ~ Eastward The Wind Blew


You will probably, if you haven't already, need to login as a member/user in order to read it. Be forewarned, it has spoilers for the Prologue. If that matters to you.


I won't go into the chapter in detail but one thing jumped right off the page and smacked me right'n da' gob! Brandon missed a PERFECT chance to continue, right from the first few pages, a LONG running gag, that RJ used mercilessly. Here ... allow me to enlighten you.


On the other side, Elayne stood beside a warm brazier. The Queen wore a pale green dress, her belly increasingly swollen from the babes within. She hastened over to Egwene and kissed her ring. Birgitte stood to one side of the tent flaps, arms folded, wearing her short red jacket and wide, sky-blue trousers, her golden braid down over her shoulder.


Huh?!! What in the name of flamin' Blood and Bloody Ashes happened to ... "beneath her breasts"?!!

Brandon!! What have you done!! This is the single longest running bloody gag in the whole SERIES! Well ... along with Bella. If this is a portent .. then I'm exTREMEly disappointed.


Brandon DID however continue the WoT Fashion Police updates. Now that's a relief.

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Manny, you crack me up!


I have not gotten to any of the new releases after a Knife of Dreams. I read KoD when I was still in high school and didn't have pleasure reading time in college but am doing my best to do a reread of the series right now. Currently on FoH, trying to get to ....is it The Gathering Storm before AMoL is officially published. (Am I totally missing a book? haha)


And I think it's a load of crock that they're releasing it a chapter at a time....stupid to me!

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is it The Gathering Storm before AMoL is officially published. (Am I totally missing a book? haha)


Yes m'am you are .. they are:


The Gathering Storm

Towers of Midnight

A Memory of Light


And I AM kidding .. just a ittle ;) I think you'll find in your ongoing re-reads that RJ used the line "with her arms folded beneath her breasts" at least once in each book. Some more than once. Since Brandon's been doing the writing I don't recall seeing the line. I think Brandon's too much of a 'wuss' to write "breasts" ... Too bad really, it was a great gag and a great mental picture, I could almost see the character tapping her foot too.

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