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Fun with Foreshadowing


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I thought it would be fun if some of the more regular posters around here got together to cover the most major unfulfilled foreshadowings in the books in their signatures. But it doesn't have to be limited to the regular posters, because technically multiple people could have the same foreshadowings in their sigs so it doesn't have to be a competition. In fact, if it was a competition, I'd probably have different quotes in my sig, because my Mordred theories are among my murkiest (I think the clues are purposefully murky there). There are foreshadowings that are far more certain to choose from, including the one Suttree just put in his sig (I had that in my sig previously but someone thought it was too long), but even that one has more potential to be a dud than some others.


There are tons to choose from, but the idea was to use those short and to-the-point foreshadowings that also have heavy implications. The ones that are innocently buried underneath normal conversation or narrative to another purpose. But just think of how awesome that would be for noobs, if most of the regular posters had the major foreshadowings in their sigs.


I'm sure many people have their own favorites, but I can throw out suggestions. Here are a few:


1. There are three references to Bald Berelain (probably representing her official adoption into the Imperial Family), all short.

If you do not swear to forget Perrin Aybara, I will shave your head as bald as an egg.
Egwene would not mind shaming Berelain until her hair fell out.
If not for Perrin, Faile thought she might actually have liked her! Briefly, to extinguish that hateful thought, she pictured herself shaving Berelain bald. She was a jade and a trull!


2. A highly debatable one suggesting Egwene will marry Galad after all...but one might say it's buttressed by the Egwene/Berelain foreshadowing above, and my sig quote. Slightly longer, but it stands alone.

Mat frowned at the closed door. "I think I shouldn't have said that."


"I don't know why you might think that," Thom said dryly. "Next you could try telling the Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks he should marry the Amyrlin Seat."


3. There are a couple of references to Rand being dead three days.

Nynaeve would not be satisfied till she Healed somebody three days dead.
"I myself would not believe him dead unless I sat three days with the corpse."


4. There's one that Brandon pointed out (I think) in his #wotrr about Perrin being a king, and it goes along with a few others.

The strongest things I see about the big, curly-haired fellow are a wolf, and a broken crown, and trees flowering all around him.
"The world grows stranger every day. I suppose the blacksmith will wear a crown and speak in High Chant."
"...You do not know what marrying Zarine Bashere means, do you?" She reached up to turn his axe in its loop on his belt, studying it. "When are you going to give this up for the hammer?"
"Sleep, my wolf king. Sleep."
"I suppose Zarine told you all about my estates before you... married her. All about the Broken Crown. She was always talkative as a girl."
When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known. When the fox marries the raven, and the trumpets of battle are blown.


5. There are several to choose from regarding Mat and his raven tattoos, assuming you take the dream literally (I do).


He was not about to be owned by any woman, however pretty she was.
Mat spoke strange words she almost understood – the Old Tongue, she thought – and two ravens alighted on his shoulders, claws sinking through his coat into the flesh beneath. He seemed no more aware of them than Perrin had been of the hawk and falcon, yet defiance passed across his face, and then grim acceptance.
A pair of slender women—acrobats, he thought—gave him sly smiles as they passed, and he smiled and made his best leg. Tylin had not changed him. He was still the same man he had always been.
"You are not pretty enough for a cupbearer, but it might please me to have you for one."
For all he knew, Seanchan noblewomen were in the habit of marrying – what was it she had said she was going to make him? – a cupbearer – maybe they married cupbearers all the time.
“Lace suits you. Perhaps I will have lace added to your robes if I make you a cup­bearer.”


His smile slipped for an instant. Could she still make him da’covale if she married him? He would have to ask Egeanin.

"Of course, if I do recall the lecture you did give me on the 'rights and privileges' of my position, so'jhin can only marry other so'jhin, so you do need to free me, first."
"Mia ayende, Aes Sedai! Caballein mirain ye! Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye! Mia ayende!"
"'I am a free man, Aes Sedai. I am no Aes Sedai meat.' That is what he said.....Who can know the heart of a man? Not even he himself, I suspect. A man is the easiest animal to put on a leash, and the hardest to keep leashed. Even when he chooses it himself."
He still felt pride in the ravens tattooed on his shoulders. Many Deathwatch Guards went without coat or shirt whenever possible, to display those.


Some of those quotes are probably not appropriate for what I was getting at, but I figured I'd provide some context. I could post more later if needed.

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"You listen to me, Rand al'Thor. I won't let you die. And if you manage it just to spite me, I'll follow you and bring you back." (9.25, "Bonds")
Mobs searching for Aes Sedai chased [Marigan] into hiding after she had cured a man of fever and rumor had turned it into bringing him back from the dead. That was how little most people knew of Aes Sedai; death was beyond the power to Heal. Even Marigan seemed to think it was not. (5.49, "To Boannda")
"Oh, Nynaeve. 'You cannot hold the sun down at dawn.' Lini could have been thinking of you." (5.34, "A Silver Arrow")
Birgitte had been drinking too much to dull the pain of losing her Gaidal. Elayne understood even if she did not approve. She could not imagine what she would do if Rand died. (11.35, "The Importance of Dyelin")
"You remind me of my uncle Huan. No one could ever pin him down. He liked to gamble, too, and he'd much rather have fun than work. He died pulling children out of a burning house. He wouldn't stop going back as long as there was one left inside. Are you like him, Mat? Will you be there when the flames are high?" (3.20, "Visitations")
"Next time you have to make a bargain with the Sea Folk, let me make it for you. Maybe that way, it won’t turn out as badly as the last one." (7.39, "Promises to Keep")
For a moment she stared at Moiraine, perplexed. The Aes Sedai had done as Rand told her? Without protest? That was like one of the Wise Ones obeying, or the sun rising at midnight. (5.7, "A Departure")
The sun would rise at midnight before [Aviendha] forgot the smallest scrap of ji'e'toh. (5.46, "Other Battles, Other Weapons")
Getting a human into an Ogier Stump was as impossible as getting an Ogier to spy. Easier to have the sun rise at night. (6.9, "Plans")


More later.

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FarShainMael wtf you think Olver is gonna kill Mat or it's just for fun? Another ROFL.


No, I'm quite serious:



Not a bad theory, but...how do you say when it's made of thin possibilities...in direct translate from spanish would be 'by the hairs' >,<

Tuon in Caemlyn, during the Trolloc invasion? How? Why?

And I can't possibly think of Mat dieing. He will be needed at Shayol Ghul.

Also, it would be too repetitive (my PoV) since the same happened between Perrin and Aram.

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No, I don't think Tuon will be anywhere near Caemlyn, she's focussed on the WT.. and Mat will be going there to collect the HoV.


I don't think Mat will actually die.. but if anything like that does happen, he might be seriously injured, not killed.


But perhaps we should continue this discussion on that thread. (Why is it in 'dev.dragonmount'? I had to use Google to find it!)

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How could I resist???




Here is a bit of interesting foreshadowing to go with Egwene's dream about Logain and Rand on a bier/paper mask.


aCoS: 7 (Rand)

He smoothed his face, tried to. It felt like a mask, somebody else's face.


I couldn't resist some Demandred ones. Possibly anyway.


Demandred's demise? (similar to Semirhage and her pawn thought)


LoC Prologue:

Another surprise, and Demandred did not like surprises, especially not at Shayol Ghul.


Also, Demandred and sa'angreal :tongue:


She also suspected there was a trap for men woven around the Great Hold, too, or Demandred would have had his sa'angreal and launched himself at Rand al'Thor long since.
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No, I don't think Tuon will be anywhere near Caemlyn, she's focussed on the WT.. and Mat will be going there to collect the HoV.


I don't think Mat will actually die.. but if anything like that does happen, he might be seriously injured, not killed.


But perhaps we should continue this discussion on that thread. (Why is it in 'dev.dragonmount'? I had to use Google to find it!)


Aha. Found the proper thread, in the right place. I must have been asleep!



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