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  1. Lol @ the last question for the trivia.
  2. I really don't want to see the series made into any kind of film/TV/animation series. Video Games on the other hand...
  3. Didn't Elayne mention feeding armies whilst she and a few other characters were discussing the problem of the Borderlander armies in one of the latter books?
  4. It's from the part in The Great Hunt where Ingtar has just admitted to Rand that he was Darkfriend.
  5. He's not going to die. He's just going to lose a body part. Rand loses his hand. Mat his eye. Perrin is going to have to say farewell to his leg. Btw, which eye has Mat lost and which leg does Perrin refer to? I couldn't find any references.
  6. I think, you are referring to this: The worlds she speaks of are Rand's world and all the other worlds that can (or cannot) be accessed by Portal Stones, i.e. He exists across all of the Pattern. I don't think Tel'aran'rhiod is included in this (Verin: there is a third constant besides the Dark One and the Creator. The Aes Sedai called it TAR) The sole purpose of Rand's soul is to combat the Shadow. The wheel only spins him out when he is needed. In answer to the OP, I don't think the Creator would do anything. I don't think he can. His entry into the Pattern wo
  7. 15 Male Like: LTT - 'cos he's crazy and has crazy thoughts that are like crazily cool Mat - out of interest, has anyone ever met someone who doesn't like him? Min - for persevering with Rand Asmodean - he's just an awesome character Moridin - he's right Moiraine and Nynaeve - they both started out annoying, but now... they're right up with my favourite characters. The Dark One - he tries so hard, for so long, and fails, every time... it's hard not to feel sorry for the guy. Oh, and he's evil. There are many others. Dislike: Apart from the usual (e.g. Egwene and Faile)...
  8. I got bored, so I made mine into a band *** The song is called 'Nobody Likes Us' and is by... The Trakand Trio ft. Elaida (guitar: since when wasn't the Red Ajah into Death Metal, I mean comeon... red?), Tuon (drums: recently, I have been seeing many a bald drummer) Egwene (she can dance like a BIRD!! Isn't that right, Perrin?), Faile (choreographer: she knows the sa'sara!), Areina Treehill (backing vocalists) *** OMG! Just saw this!!! -----> AWESOME
  9. Reading through the suggestions; no-one has mentioned Robin Hobb... so there. Apparently, Bardley Beaulieu is pretty good, though, I have never read his books. I remember enjoying Jonathan Stroud when I was young (younger than today; i.e. 10). You may want to have a look at this: http://www.bestfantasybooks.com/top25-fantasy-books.php I mostly agree with the entries, although perhaps not the order (I mean Bakker at #18, WTH?!) and they did miss out some better series. Anyway, Germany are playing against Greece, so I have to go now. P.S. If anyone is still thinking of go
  10. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn (a re-read). Also just finished my IGCSE exams (last was on Wednesday) and have the whole of summer to look forward to (and get bored during). So, thank you Suttree; if you love this book, then I probably will too. Also, thanks for posting Bakker's short story a while back.
  11. I was re-reading The Eye of the World again:
  12. That IdealSeek is pretty good. Here's Rand and Loial's conversation about the Pattern (TEotW, Chp 36). -Moiraine, TEotW - Moiraine on the nature of being ta'veren, TEotW Just to re-iterate. - TGH - Lan, TGH - Two oft repeated phrases, these particular ones said by Verin in TGH - Verin, TGH - Min, TGH - Moiraine, TGH (referring to Rand) - Thom talking to Tuon about Mat, CoT Here's one about free will. It is taken from near the end of The Gathering Storm where Tam is talking to Rand about why he fights. I
  13. I think I have already mentioned this one, somewhere on these forums, however...
  14. Has no-one here read Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams? There are few tortured souls in those books, such as, Padreic/Cadrach, Amerasu, Ineluki, Miriamele...
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