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a Panda in a hole! come and put ure points where ure mouth is!


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Dice walks onto the llama's paddock dragging a shielded and bound Panda named Arez al'loke


Dice addresses the BT folks gathered around


So this Panda here decided to give Mistress Sithi lip! As such I get to deal with his furry self. As you can see he is shielded AND bound!




channels earth and air to dig a hole. Dumps the panda in the hole uses air and fills the hole back in burying the shielded panda up to the neck with his arms by his sides.


RIGHT so bets! the bet is 5 of your points. Winner takes all! the question to bet on is HOW LONG WILL it take before the panda breaks and begs for release? 1hr? 2?? make ure bets and u may just make some points!


Ithi has already bet 5 pts on less then 2 hrs!


Any other takers??

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TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did u do that for!!!??? he hasnt even asked let alone begged!!!!



looks suspiciously at tina..."are u goin all lightie on us?"


Are you calling me a lightie?! I forgive you this time since I guess you can't think clear at the moment, seeing Brandon and everything. Have you never heard of good cop/bad cop?


Besides, I have special interests in baby Panda. He is the only one who fully understands me now that Logain's Pet isn't here. :D


Pandy, don't make me regret this.

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