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Exactly 50 Unconventional Uses for a Llama


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:ohmy: :ohmy: !!!!?


21. llamonocle - a speshul round lens worn by llamas, attached to a string which is a long braid of their fur. Gives a special flashing alarm thingy when a CHRISSY AT TEH BT is spotted through them!!!!!!



WHEEEEE CHRISSY!!!! *le llamapounce* :biggrin:

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22. The Llamathalon: Much like the running of the bulls in Spain, the Albanian Llamathalon allows wild llamakin to run amok in the streets, causing more damage than the countries GDP can afford. This is the true reason that Albania is sketchville, and the event is not widely known to outsiders.

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Good start Darthe. You do know that you get points for threads right?


5 points for 50 posts

10 points for 100 posts

15 points for 150 posts


And points mean levels, and levels mean you can grind Loke into the dirt more easily.




O, wait, that's not needed. Locke can still beat any Shadowies 1 versus 3. Together with me 2 versus 10, because Shadowies lack all intelligence to notice someone coming from behind, or someone distracting them so that the other can kill them. Actually, I think any two random Lighties could defeat all Shadowies together...

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