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Now that is really a tough decision to make...


I've got some questions.


First of all, Why would i renounce all ties to the black ajah and the shadow spawn? Don't those Light-blinded fools server the dark?


Secondly, does this affect other social groups xP? Lets say I become a warder to an aes sedai in the white tower, what happens then?


There are many paradoxes that could occur with oaths taken from different "factions"?


Such a dilemma..

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*stares at ed with the Good eye remaining*


*just keeps staring at him while talking*


Not that I don't THRIVE in pain.. *coughs, blood comes out*

I don't mind it at all really, stabs are especially fun *fingers the deep cut*


I assume I'm not going to die of this, right? RIGHT?!


Anyyyyhow, BAHAHAHAHA!!! at the puns being made.. In my oppinion, they're to soft..

I didn't know you were a bunch of soft bunnies here in Shayol Ghul, but I guess you learn new things every day =D!


Pun indeed intended xP!


Now, on to a different matter.. I think I'll need some convincing when it comes to the Black Ajah.. The other guys have pretty much made up my mind with quite valid arguments!

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Wait, is a Dreadlord actually making fun of the other factions?


A Dreadlord?


Hold on, I have to mark this on my calendar...



*scribbles and mumbles*


February 22nd, a Dreadie tried to make fun of the SS and BA. As per usual, they recycled the same stupid jokes they've been using for years. Blah, blah, Rey has it covered.

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