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Roxette Sydney entertainment centre feb 16 2012


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THought a few peeps might be interested. (this means u tina!)




Ok so for Fathers day last year i recieved 1 tix to roxette. Now this was good cause

1 I wanted to go!!! and


2 there was a spare ticket for my 15 year old so i got to live long enuff TO go!



So Jess and I rocked over to the entertainment centre with plenty of time.


The lead act was an Aussie band from the 80s call 1927 they were OK but ive never been a big fan. they went on at 730 played an hr



a little after 9 out come roxette!! They launched straight into Dressed for Success and the crowd went nuts!


They hit all their hits plus a couple of new ones but the old ones were the best. the crowd was constantly singing along with them and cheering


So wee sang with Dangerous, shes got the look, water colors in the rain Crash! boom Bang! the very fun shes got nothing on (but the radio), spending my time and it must havew been love! the big L, wish i could fly, stars and perfect day ( which i really enjoyed!



Some of the songs like my fav Fading like a flower were changed slightly, there is NO guitar solo in this song!!!! yet there was! cries


Per gessele was simply per but marie friedekson? i know she had had cancer but i am wondering if it was throat cancer as she looked REALLY skinny and old and sadly has lost those high sweet notes she used to hit. And she knew it u could see whe want to do them but couldnt.




Overall it was a great night me and my daughter still have sore throats 2 days later


a note for us oldies who have kids....take my advice and corrupt ure kids with ure music! My daughter went to school and said that she was goin to Roxette. Music teacher looks at her and says she cant know who they are! Jessie starts singing their songs at her then launches into Poison and GnR and on jovi. Having her there and her a fan made it soooooo much fun!!


The sound was good tho the vocals needed to be just as little louder the seats i had were kinda crappy but at least they were in the building! and the merchandise cost me a fortune!! yet it was relatively cheap!


So that was Roxette any comments?

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heres the set list




01. Dressed For Success

02. Sleeping In My Car

03. The Big L.

04. Wish I Could Fly

05. Only When I Dream

06. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)

07. Perfect Day

08. Things Will Never Be The Same

09. It Must Have Been Love

10. Opportunity Nox

11. 7twenty7

12. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)

13. Crash! Boom! Bang!

14. How Do You Do!

15. Dangerous

Band presentation

16. Joyride (introduced with “Waltzing Matilda”)


17. Watercolours In The Rain

18. Spending My Time

19. The Look

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I haven´t heard all those songs. I stopped listening to Roxette before they came out I guess, or are they completely new? Sorry to hear about Marie. I believe she had breast cancer. Roxette was the first Swedish band (after ABBA) that got famous all over the world. Now I think they play more outside Sweden than at home. I see that some of my favourite songs weren´t played but some of those are still great.

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