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an Ode to Dice

Ithillian Turambar

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*Walking around in a daze, Ithi tries to make sense of all the many layers of compulsion and Bondings that already exist within her mind, as another strange feeling settles over her ... This one is weaker and more ephemeral however, almost not there and certainly not clearly defined. She hears the Command and inwardly smiles ... It seemed like fun so why not?*


An Ode to Dice


Oh Dice, I need you constantly in my life.

For distant adventures in dungeons dark

And questions about the hammerhead shark

And whether the Cerberusi are worse than their bark

Your disappearance would surely cause Strife.


Oh Dice, without you I would be lost.

And so I pray to the small gods of Orgs Random

In the hope that occasionally you may be tandem

And rescue me from Triv Pursuit fandom

And washerwomen who shouldn't be crossed.


*Ithi channels a fine needle of fire and slowly burns the Ode into the Shadow Soldier's back, the smell of smouldering flesh is tangible even from this distance.*



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reads the ode



bursts out laffing!


is very glad ithi cant see straigh as she burns the ode onto dices jacket which is hanging over the back of dices chair



ok then


urges ithi to do his will


ithi you will go and give a very public very glowing compliment to ..... the eternal phoenix!!!


pushes his will thro the weaves and into ithi

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*Ithi weaves a Gateway and steps through it ... She leaves it open and steps back through a few moments later*


A very glowing compliment has been delivered to EP. I fear he may not be quite himself for a little while however. I tend to have that effect on him for some reason :wink:



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Waits til Turin leaves then comes in laughing


"very well done my pet but i see you are trying to resist Oh well i only have one more job for you anyways"


REALLY REALLY concentrates knowing that making ithi do this was going to be extremely difficult



intones " you will walk up to Turin and say 5 times "Ithi is a lightie!"

intones two more times to drive it home

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Turin laughs as he sees Dice fooled by the illusion he wove. The new ones had much to learn yet.


What is this Ithi is back talking to him? Maybe we can get to the bottom of this right now.


Walks in that direction then jumps back just as the gateway spins open in front of him.


Ithi, Are you okay I sense an oddness in the bond. *sends strength thru the bond*

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*and reappeared a short distance away from where she had just left. Turin was striding towards her and did not look pleased. The last two requests were easy to misinterpet, but this one would be much more difficult. Luckily she was British and had ice water running through her veins.


Best to just get it over with*


Turin, Dearest Dragon, I need to tell you that I am a L.... :unsure:






I'm a Li......






*this just wasn't working. She found it impossible to tell the blatant LIE and the rage at another Shadow daring to do this to her began bubbling up to the surface*


Turin, I have something you really need to know *sends seriously disturbed thoughts*


I AM A LIG.......


*the strain of pushing against this strange compulsion began to show now and a single tear welled up in Ithi's eye. She wiped it away before anyone saw and stood their mute. She just couldn't say it, and if she couldn't say anything Shadowy she would rather remain silent forever. A fellow Shadow should never have tried to make her forsake her loyalty to her faction. For now, her only choice was the quiet darkness inside that told her to wait ...*

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Turin sensed something definitely wrong with Ithillian. She was trying to say something and then just stopped silently looking at him. What was she trying to say? she was a Lig?? The anger was boiling over in his response to her powerful emotions coming through the bond. This was that Dice's doing. He would pay once Ithi was safe.


What is going on here? What are you trying to say? you can tell me.


Turin takes all the anger he has built up and turns it into strength of will that he sends back to Ithi along the bond. He sees her eyes widen and then focus in concentration as she fights whatever was holding her back.


Is that better? You look able to speak now. what do you need to say?


Ithi leans over and whispers to Turin. Turin is incensed upon hearing the single word, "compulsion". The part of Turin that is the Dragon came to the forefront again, and nearly the transformation took place. Turin was barely able to prevent it but held on to one of the dragon's powers as he prepared to mete out justice.


Turin moved toward Dice with a cold expression on his face. Dice noticed but did not flee. He had courage but it would not help him in this battle. Although Turin remains in human from his voice is that of the Dragon...


Dice, look into my eyes...




Your puny compulsion cannot match the enchantments available to a Dragon.


You will stay still here until Ithi has decided what your punishment shall be...

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Ithi feels the Dragon Rage build within Turin and freely accepts the extra will power he provides. Now able to hold the Dicey Compulsion at bay so she could whisper to Turin the truth of what had been occurring here.


As Turin's anger turned upon Dicey, she felt him mentally flinch. That small lapse in concentration was all she needed to break the compulsion weave he had laid upon her, subtle though it was. Now free of his attentions, she reached for the Source and Linked with Turin. Together their power swelled exponentially.


I think we should make him dance the Macarena, Dearest Dragon - and perhaps hunt down 3 more Lighties and have him attempt to compulse them into dancing the Macarena with him as well. He is obviously fond of compulsion, and shows some promise with it. He wasn't to know of my, shall we say - prior commitments.



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Turin sensed that Ithillian had returned to normal and was preparing to link with him. He allowed her to take the lead and just watched with a small smile as she wove the complex weave and set it into Dicey's mind. Once it had settled, Turin allowed his Dragon self to submerge back into his subconscious.


A little Karma. I wonder if he is a good dancer. Ithi, how successful do you think he will be in finding a dance crew?

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Dice feels Turins voice reverbraye through him "uh oh!"


He manages to shake off the dragon enchantment thanks to all the dragons at his back helping him...then he sees ithis eyes change..."Double uh oh!!"



feels ....disconnected



his feet start to move




Does the nutbush

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*laughs, and uses the Turin/Ithi link to Shield Dicey from the Source*




Dance for me Dicey




*Channels hundreds of upturned drawing pins out of air and fire and scatters them around the floor near Dicey's feet, and then channels fire and burns Dicey's shoes off.*



Keep those feet up in the air lol

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