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WoT ending and its LoTR parallels


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I am rereading the WoT series for the sixth time, and I have read LoTR for about 12 times. I can't help seeing similarities in the series' plots.

Padan Fain, according to me, sounds more like Gollum, who is after Rand, Gollum's "Baggins". In the end, Tolkien twists the angle, making Gollum succeed in getting the ring and Frodo in getting rid of it.

This ending makes me think of WoT as well. I feel Fain will get rid of Rand in TG, and will, in turn, somehow, end DO's victory-chances.

Moreover, Lan's assault at Tarwin's Gap sounds more like Aragorn's last assault on Mordor. Both are desperate, both are aimed to divert the enemy's attention from the main plot, both of them led by men of lost heritages (Aragorn was the "uncrowned" king of Gondor, and "Lan" is the uncrowned king of Malkier). This makes me believe that Lan will survive in the end, as his death appears to be too obvious, and only a fool of an author will not capitalise this scenario to add a twist. To add to it, Nynaeve sounds like Aragorn's love-lost (I don't remember her name now).

As to Mat and Perrin, they sound like Merrin and Pippin to me. Both the hobbits were involved in different powerful kingdoms, and one of them was more involved with Ents to pull down Saruman. This makes me feel that Saruman, in this case, is either Slayer or Taim, both of them seconded by Lan and Rand respectively, like Saruman seconded by Gandalf.

Aiel sounds like Aragorn's "undead" army, waiting to have the oathbreakers' curse lifted, something that ails the Aiel, as well.

I feel Boromir is Gawyn. Boromir wanted the ring from Frodo, and Gawyn wanted glory and revenge from Rand. This makes me feel that Gawyn will fall in the end.

Gandalf's role goes to Moiraine. Both of them have exercised immense influence on the main protagonists, and both of them have - and will - be instrumental in pulling down Sauron (DO).

Egwene, Elayne, Aviendha and others have no parallels so far.

What do you think?

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Fain is SO much creepier than Gollum is my mind. Gollum is just disgusting and somewhat pitiful. Fain is sly, manipulative, infectious, extra-focused, very powerful, and unpredictable, not to mention completely mad. Gollum was terribly scared of Orcs and Nazgul. Trollocs and Myrdraal are scared of Fain. I can see him taking a much more active role in making things twice as hard for Rand in the end.

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I've seen this a lot. The biggest similarity I saw was Ogier and Ents, but...


while the last time i read lotr was when i was eleven, I saw more similarities between nym [like the green man] and ents. both plant based sapient humanoids.

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