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  1. the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. I think of it like a cross between a divine match making service and a love potion shop. What annoys me more is how obviously contrived the arrangements are. the thre ta'veren and the heir to andor, the heir to the seanchan and the current second in line to a borderlands nation. what are the chances of randomly meeting a princess on the road and ending up marrying her. very little is randon in wot. I could give more examples. A lot more.
  2. I hope its january. I really hate having to avoid the internet for a few months after everyone else has gotten a book I want while I have to wait for local stores to stock it. Kinda defeats the whole point of getting a kindle.
  3. has mat [and his ter angreal] met cadsuane yet?
  4. Rand also has elements of Thor. Seeing as he is named Rand al'THOR he probably was the source of the gods name. None of the characters have a 1:1 relationship.
  5. problem is thw kindle edition. I hope the books are in stores on time for once in my life, one of the reasons I got the kindle was so I wouldn't have to wait three months to get a book or be forced to go through the hasle of ordering it online.
  6. mat and tuon. light, i want those outriggers.
  7. I didn't say 'd be able to make gunpowder from scratch. I said I know the formula. salt peter [potassium nitrate] has been known since ancient egypt. sulphur [or brimstone] has also been known since ancient times. and everyone knows what charcoal is. I'd have to do some experimentation with the ratios. But that doesn't mean that gunpowder isn't a bloody simple formula. Also, when did I say I knew how to refine steel.. I said "give advice on very basic things," I didn't say I'd be able to make a gun.Basic things to me are random tips like "grooves in the barrel works similarly to fletching on an arrow" or a very rough sketch of a flintlock [please note the words rough and sketch, I may know roughly how flintlocks work, I didn't say I'd be able to make one.] Obviously I'd prefer to do research first.But it isn't completely nessesary.
  8. probably one of the few things most people would agree on, even jordan was planning to write books dedicated to them.
  9. i wouldn't call myself educated, but even i'd still be able to give advice on very basic things. for examplle, washing hands and bathing regularly to stop infection, use of the greek humours system is bullshit, the philosophers stone doesn't exist, the formula for gunpowder, etc. etc.And if I had time to research on the internet before hand....
  10. cot is good for one reason. mat and tuon, I'm really dreading the chance of brandon screwing up their chemistry, theres not much else I care about but... [i should stop before this gets into a fullblown rant.]
  11. except for the fact that she's partially responsible for the destruction of caemlyn [nowhere near elayne though], I agree. If she weren't dead I'd say she'd need some serious lessons in minipulation. She should've told mat that he should read the letter, but not that he had to do whatever the letter said. ugh.
  12. no idea. if i had to guess it would probably be queen whatsername [tylin?] raping him every few hours and him still liking her.
  13. it was the last sword of truth book i read, but i also probably enjoyed it the most.
  14. does nyneave fit? from the main article on hair pulling, it seems you gave to pull the hair out, not just pull it in frustration.
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