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  1. One week is 10 days, it is mentioned in Steven Cooper's timeline in the link above
  2. Round 2 moiraine and Kelsier are back!
  3. If you guys haven't noticed yet, the Suvudu cage match has started, Moiraine vs Tarzan and Kelsier vs Gale Hawthorneare in the first round
  4. here is another one, slower than the others
  5. very nice work there. They should do more songs :)
  6. wow that is a long time. At least now we can say they aren't moving it back just for the sake of selling more books near christmas
  7. BS has also said that Fain will not be playing a gollum role.
  8. Hey everyone, At the signing I guessed Tenobia's army and Brandon said I was getting close, that it wouldn't be one of the really big armies.
  9. Brandon Sanderson will give them out in person or hide them places like at bookstores where he does signings. Or you could just guess randomly and see if you get it.
  10. You think your mind is melted with dragonmount? Head over to theoryland.com and say hi to the hard core fan freaks, they are amazing!
  11. I think it is plausible, but Rand may ask Perrin to save them for something big. We have no guarantee the wolves will be near tarwain's gap, just that they are heading north to the borderlands.
  12. Keep in mind that is just the first draft. There is still a lot of editing to do. And he said a lot of the ending is written by RJ so that could make it a bit sooner. But even if the first draft is done by then, I don't think it will be ready by March.
  13. I voted 3. I don't think he has any more knowledge than Mordin they, both have knowledge of the AoL, he just hasn't pulled off too much like this before because he was insane/lacking his LTT
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