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  1. Okay. My bad. I didn't know BS has confirmed it.
  2. I don't know whether this has been discussed or not, but it still intrigues me. Throughout the series - ever since Moridin has made an appearance - we have been assuming Ishamael to be the resurrected one. However, if you see the characteristics of the two Forsaken, some very startling discrepancies come out: 1. Ishamael was determined to either turn Rand or kill him. Moridin, on the other hand, only wants Rand to survive (for now). 2. Ishamael was never a patient man. He only liked to see things working, with he in the centre. Moridin, on the other hand, is merely giving commands, an
  3. In ToM, when Rand starts picking out DFs by merely looking at them, Bashere has been at his side all the time. Don't you think Rand would have caught him, if he'd been a DF? Moreover, in "Storm of Light" (ToM), when Rand goes for the Trollocs in Maradon, we saw the impact that it can have on a DF through Tenobia's relative. On the other hand, Bashere had looked at it directly without even wincing. In fact, he was admiring Rand's strength. These two points are enough to diffuse Bashere as a DF. About "something dark" Min foresaw, I think Bashere and Tenobia will die in the end, and
  4. Friend, the Shaido-episode contained three main factors, all of which will play an important role later on: 1. Perrin undergoing drastic character-change; 2. Perrin's biggest weakness, which had been hidden till now unlike Rand and Mat, has been exposed; 3. Perrin's deal with Seanchan. Mind you, this thing is going to play a very important role in AMoL, especially when Rand needs to strike an alliance with the Empire; 4. Shaido thrown back to the Waste; 5. Faile's attitude-change; 6. End of Masema; and 7. Beginning of Perrin's commandeering Personally, I think no other character
  5. Throughout the WoT, hundreds of characters have come forth. Some have enticed us. Some have irritated us. And some have literally sent us to sleep. These characters have been the work of genius from Robert Jordan, something which is very difficult to do. Even Malazan or LoTR could not develop such attachment to the character. (LoTR is still my favorite series, but it focused too much on Aragorn, Sam, Frodo and Gandalf to earn attachment for others) However, one of the characters that actually stood out for me is Perrin Aybara. Now I know how others in the forum feel about him. A whiner
  6. The Eelfinn are not beasts of the Shadow. That's a shame, because your assessment is deeply flawed. That Avi and Rand will have children does not mean that they will marry, still less that this will happen after TG. It requires only that Rand and Avi have sex at least once more. That's it. It has already been revealed that Aelfinn and Eelfinn are beasts of shadow, though not under DO's shade.
  7. That's a shame, because your assessment is deeply flawed. That Avi and Rand will have children does not mean that they will marry, still less that this will happen after TG. It requires only that Rand and Avi have sex at least once more. That's it. Plus Aviendha's only reason to hold back from being with Rand was that she was not his equal. She wanted to be a wise one in order to compare to his honor. Since she will return from Rhuidean, she will be a wise one. Man, you should know by now that according to Aiel customs, a Wise One HAS to marry to bear children. Avi is not a Maiden
  8. I have read WoT at least 6 times, and there are some glaring spots, combining which you can actually deduce the climax of the series. In this post, I'll be talking about Rand al'Thor. Basically, when the writer starts pointing out that the protagonist is going to die, die and die, you have to understand that it's going to be exactly the opposite. Even the greatest fantasy author - JRR Tolkien - used this device for Frodo Baggins. In the entire LoTR, there were talks of Frodo dying in the end, killed by Sam, committing suicide and likewise. But in the end, he survived. In Harry Potter serie
  9. Thanks. Just wished to have him for TG. He had the brains that can only be rivaled by Demandred.
  10. White going through TCoS, I read the entire chapter related to Rand-Sammael confrontation. However, in the end, there has been no sign of Sammael alive or dead. Later on, Demandred speculates that someone "impersonating" Sammael has resurfaced in the Blight. As we know that many Ogier steddings have been engulfed by the Blight and Moiraine has mentioned Gateways there. Moreover, there was a gateway in Shadar Logoth, near which Sammael was standing before hell broke loose in the city. Among the Forsaken, I had liked Sammael, Lanfear and Rahvin (Demandred's like depends on AMoL). all these p
  11. In TCoT, Elayne mentions many of her supporters' armies not reaching the gates of Caemlyn. I read through the entire series, but I did not find another mention of these armies, as they were masked by the attacks the city faces. I just want to know where these armies actually went. Have they been mentioned again, or has RJ slipped us a foreshadow?
  12. In ACoS, in Moghedien's PoV, RJ has revealed that Moridin lives outside the pattern. He loves to live there and travel through it. Now is it something that is too odd? As far as we know, the DO is capable of destroying and playing the patterns, but so far we haven't confronted a situation where there is absolutely no pattern at all, except in mindtrapping of Moghedien. After that scene, I don't think I ever heard of Moridin walking outside the pattern. What puzzles me right now is the significance of this fact. Rand tweeks the pattern to his purpose and Moridin lives outside the pattern. Thi
  13. Please read this post before thinking why I am endorsing the Seanchan. When Seanchan came on Toman Head, it brought peace to the region. The people were scared because of the beasts, but that's alright. The rule was peaceful, everyone was allowed to do what he/she wants, wherever he/she wants to go, thieves, arsonists and murderers were given such judgement that the crime rate had gone down and the trade had started to prosper. In fact, in the end, people started to love them. The argument that Seanchan are aliens of the land is baseless; they are the legacy of Hawkwing who actually owns the
  14. Asmodean has been one of the most underplayed Forsaken in WoT so far. He appeared in book 4, when Lanfear mentioned him as Rand's teacher, and was wiped out in book 5. Of all the Forsaken, he has been given the least spotlight; even Be'lal got more than him. It may be because RJ wanted it. However, of all the Forsaken, Asmodean has proved to be more destructive. He brought Trollocs in the Three-Fold Land for the first time, nearly snatched the Aiel from Rand by branding Couladin's arms and created the rift in Aiel that continued to play havoc till Book 11. On the other hand, following was
  15. There are many good moments in WoT, but following are the moments I have segregated as the best - in my opinion - in terms of emotions: 1. Mystery - Rand, Loial and Hurin in the alternate world in TGH, and all the Forsaken scenes. 2. Anger - Treatment faced by Egwene in TGH, and Rand's imprisonment in LoC. 3. Sorrow - Lan's departure in TFoH. 4. Humor - Nynaeve's PoV in Samara in TFoH and Mat's scenes with Tuon 5. Loss - Verin's death in TGS and Asmodean's death 6. Emotional - Forging of Perrin's Hammer in ToM, wolves coming to Perrin's aid in EoTW and TDR, Aviendha's viewing in ToM,
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