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My hopes for Thom Merrilyn's first scene with Mat.


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Thom: Mat. I want to make a wager with you.

Mat: Now Thom, you should know my luck by now.

Thom: Yes I do. I still want to bet with you.

Mat: Ok. Name the bet and the stakes.

Thom: I want your stake to be that bloody good hat of yours.

Mat: Then your stake will have to be that twangy harp of yours.


Thom: HUMPH! Well, you recall when we first met in the Two Rivers.

Mat: Sure Thom. I'm not senile yet like...uh...Yeah. I remember.

Thom: When we rode out there were Moiraine and Lan, Egwene, you,

Perrin and Rand and me. Then Nynaeve met up with us later.

Mat: Yep. We met Loial too. What about it. Don't forget Bela was with us.


Thom: Well, Moiraine and I, Lan and Nynaeve, Egwene, you three boys

Loial and I guess Min too, have been through a LOT in the last

couple of years. I must say I have grown fond of all of you.

The Bet is about all of us. Yes, and Bela too.

Mat: I get it Thom. I will take your bet and WIN it too! Name it.


Thom: Mat, I bet you, harp to hat, that not every one of that group

will survive the Final Battle and the Sealing of the Bore.

Mat: You are ON old man and you can sing about my winning the bet when

it is all over.

Thom: DONE!

Mat : DONE!


They spit in their palms and shake hands.


Moiraine smiled. For a man who couldn't channel Thom could do very well

for himself and others. He had just made several people's futures as

secure as they could be with the world as it was.


I hope this imaginary bet is won by Mat.


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