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Blood and Ashes! The Mike has arrived!


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Greetinth Mike,


I adore the dithclaimer you have added to you welcome potht. Blood and atheth indeed. I am only a temporary rethident here, but I am enjoying mythelf very much. Ath you can thee - everyone ith very helpful and friendly. Nothing ith too much trouble it theems. I think I will thpend a little more time here and find a more permanent plathe to thtay for a while. We have the moverth coming tonight to thift all our thtuff into the White Tower. It thould be an abtholute blatht.


If you have the time and inclinathion, I would definitely recommend you thtopping by.





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Thanks for the warm Welcome everyone. Sorry I missed the Halloween good times I went out of town for a bit and had limited access.


Also to give a heads up I am pretty much a noob when it comes to forums and blogs and such (which is odd because I work for a tech company and im a huge gamer) but I'm a quick learner.


In response to a few replies I am on book six. I am finding that I need to be pretty careful because I am trying to avoid spoilers but I will be up to that point soon enough. I dig the video pods and web pods. But until then its cool to check out the art.


And as far as characters go I am currently a Matt Fan (Perrin coming in at a close second). I too love the ladies, a good drink and the throw of the dice so I had no choice but to love the character.


PS some day I will have cool font and pics 2! lol

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Welcome to DM, Mike!!


Do you already have a least-favourite character? Who?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about DM!!


I hope you will like it here!



Least favorite character... that's hard. I like them all. Currently not a huge fan of Faile. To much whining ha.

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