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The Wolfman

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Hooowwwwwwllllooo therrrre.


I'm hungrrrrry. Oh, intrrro's firrst then, if you insist...*prowls*


Please, likkle RRRRRRandlanderrrs, there is no need to be afrraid. Maybe. Depends. All those things you heard, about me going berrrserrrk and biting y'all with my big nasty gnaship teeth so you turn into Wolfmen (or Wolfwomen, ladies) yourselves - I can't deny some little truth in that (I blame the full moon), but rrreally, I brrrrush my teeth everrry morrning, even trrain my puppy look erm, tough macho Wolfjock eyes in frront of the mirrrorr...okay so I'm a big softie. If you don't catch my rrrruthless temper side, which, I WARN YOU, is predominant. But I has big warrrm free hugs. For those who darrre.


On otherrr things...so yeah, big time long-term WoT fan, have been watching yourrr necks awesome activity herrre and thought I'd come along when my friends joined *looks at the other monsters* Okay, so more assossciates than frrriends. I harrrrdly know them anyway. *stage whisperrrrs* I'm not with them.*dons sunglasses and trrrries to look cool* :cool::hopper:


Oh yeah. Anyone know a good place for biting people hangin'out? Yaknow, just, chillin? :hopper:







p.s. No, I do NOT have fleas.

p.p.s. I gave them to Frank :tongue:

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Welcome Wolfman. You here for the Party? you sound a lot like a certain party animal I know. Well anyway, you might wanna stop by and hang with the Wolfkin before that White Tower party. That is if you like chili and Tequila. But then who doesn't like those things.


Enjoy your visit here at DM.


And AH, you know his fave has to be Hopper. Wolfie :wub: 's Hopper. :cool:

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