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calling all new members, please check in!

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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hello new friends, and once more, welcome, and thank you for joining us!


your welcome threads have settled down, the taint from the brownies has started to kick in... and now we would like to get to know you better.


please, those of you who have joined in the last month or two (and anyone and everyone else who wants to get to know you), come post here, and tell us more about yourselves.


perhaps some of us would like to ask you a few questions as well, to get to know you, and to see how we can make your stay here mode comfortable and taintier.


oh, that reminds me, when you get access to the hidden boards, check out the sign ups for 50 questions - and sign up, please. it lets us ask you some silly and not so silly questions, and it lets you introduce yourselves more... and earn some points while you're at it.


i'm sure you all have questions about things here - how to earn points and spend them and why, how to particiapte in various games, how to do the battle thing...


if you ask something here, someone will surely answer.


and i'd like to encourage you all to post/spam in every thread on the BT - only game threads are sort of limited to game related posts. all else is for spam, and lots of it. and start some of your own threads, and some of your own games. we like to play :myrddraal:


you are welcome everywhere, and your contributions are very much appreciated.


there can never be too much madness here.

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no need to be shy, all the brownies are endlessly rebaked. it is very important that you consume as much taint as you can, especially in these formative days :)


Where's the LIKE button when you need it? :D


Well I'm not completely new but I don't know everyone here as much as I'd like. *noms a brownie*

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ok, i'll start with the questions, feel free to answer, to ignore, to replace, or what have you -


what brought you to DM, and what brought you to the tower? what keeps you coming back?


what annoys you? (don't worry, i promise not to remember that or use it for evil :myrddraal: )


what are your interests, aside from the obvious - madness, brownies, and fantasy lit, i mean?


is there anything you seek here but cannot find?


and please, being as random and incomprehensible as possible - who and what are you?

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i am quite mad enough without the addition of hallucinagenics. what i see without them is more than weird enough.


or was that your question?


ok, answering it seriously then.


no, not since college, freshman year. and it wasn't the least bit of fun.


I referred to our talk yesterday where I apparently had eaten something that made me evil. So I´m thinking you have eaten something that have made you extra nice. :biggrin:


:wub: @ Cindy

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