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Mesaana more than just in the white tower


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In my last re-read of WOT, I came across this in the prologue of TGS:

"I am perfectly poised," Mesaana said, turning back to Moridin with a sweep of her head. "The White Tower and those fools who rule it will shortly be mine. I will deliver not just a broken White Tower to our Great Lord, but an entire brood of channelers who--one way or another--will serve our cause in the Last Battle. This time, the Aes Sedai will fight for us!"


Notice that at first she said not just a broken White Tower, but an entire brood of channelers (or in other words), other channelers in addition to the White Tower.


The other channeling groups (apart from the White Tower) are limited to the following: Sea folk Wind Finders, Seanchan, Kin, White Tower, White Tower rebels, Black Tower, Ayaad, and Wise Ones. These all are known channeling groups:


Seanchan at this time were being influenced by Semirage so we can eliminate this group.


White Tower Rebels were being influenced by Aran'gar sw we can eliminate this group.


The Kin are seemingly under control of Elayne who would fall under the rebels - aka Aran'gar


The Black Tower is a possibility but Moridin seems to use them as his servants quite openly (since a asha'man was used to summon Graendal -- her point of view), but I cannot rule them out nor rule them in.


Sea Folk Wind Finders -- Alvarian was sent by Mesaana on one of her personal tasks to Tremalking, which is one of the sea folk isles. This suggests that if Mesaana were influencing more than one group of channelers than she may have been pulling strings on another - in part through Alvarian.


The Aayad - we know nothing about them, but same arguments for the Black Tower - that we cannot confirm nor deny.


So in conclusion, Mesaana's plots were much more extensive than previously thought, but her plan to bring an entire brood of channelers were to include other groups and most likely those of the sea folk.

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I think she was talking about the AS.

Not only would she break the tower, but would turn a entire brood of channellers to the DO, ie: the AS.

I think she would do this by, once getting a good size following would kidknapp sisters and use the 13+13 method to turn them. The same thing that is happening in the BT. That's why I think Demandreds pulling the strings there, it would of been a coup if he could control the BT, messy the WT and sem the damane.

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It seems that Mesaana has been in the White Tower the whole time.

She would probably need to conduct repeated telaranrhiod meetings with at least the leaders of the other channeling groups. And possibly also use Compulsion with them. She would probably have little time for anything else if these meetings took place.


My guess would be that Mesaana was lying.

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