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Secret weaves of the Aes Sedai


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Can someone list the secret weaves known by all Aajah's of the Aes Sedai, along with description of what they do?


I do not have knowledge of any references to what they are but,

it might be fun to make up a few for ourselves.




The Yellow Ajah Secret Weave might be...

A weave that causes people to pay exorbitant fees for haphazard results in

treatments. Called the A.M.A. weave.

OR One which creates a ter'angreal which can be inserted in some body

orifice and reveal the internal temperature of said body.

Called, Ther'Mom'e'ter'angreal.


The Grey Secret weave might be...

The Korean Table weave which causes the negotiators to bog down in arguments

about the shape of the conference table while the war continues.


The Red...

The CosmopolitanCurse... which convinces all Red that for women to achieve

Equality with men they have to have Superiority and burn their brassieres as

fuel to burn men at the stake.


(Ducks for cover and runs for shelter )


Surely there are posters on this board who could make up some Very Good Secret Weaves.


Where is ISAM when you need him.

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Elayne and Nyn suspected every Aes Sedai knew a personal secret trick or two that they didn't share,  like Moiraine's eavesdropping trick.  Noticing how a Aes Sedai might perk up a little when they would share a new discovery, something that might vanish if a Aes Sedai died and ever shared it.

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