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  1. Honestly, the epilogue in book 6 makes a lot of sense if you assume Taim = Demandred. I, and other people whose opinion I have read, strongly feel that Robert Jordan intended for Taim to be Demandred all along, but then changed his mind when he found out how many people had figured it out. What do you think?
  2. And the fact that we don't know that Callandor is flawed. Yes we do. RJ said it was: From the interview database. What I find weird in this quote is a reference to mass production. Did they really mass produce such powerful sa'angreals like Callandor? The manufacturing flaw could happen even if it was a hand-made, very special thing so that's ok, but I find it doubtful that they had hundreds of sa'angreals of Callandor's strength. Considering the population of the AoL, there would have been hundreds of millions of channellers. It wouldn't be impossible to mass produce sangreal. Uhm, no. Channelers have always been rare.
  3. Ok, suppose there was a Hemaphrodite channeler in Randland. Would that person be able to channel both Saidin and Saidar, or be unable to channel at all?
  4. Ok, so you just have to know the person of the opposite gender is channeling to be able to cut their weaves. Another question: How strong was Lanfear exactly? From what I recall, she was second among forsaken, making her stronger than ALL the forsaken except for Ishamel. Is this true? Was she truly more powerful than Rahvin and even Demandred?
  5. Channelers of opposite genders cannot see each others weaves. So how do they cut them in order to be able to place a shield around the other? Has there been any male channeler vs female channeler battles in the series? The only times I can recall off the top of my head is Rand & co. vs Lanfear in book 5. I don't recall anything of the battle itself. Another was Rand getting shielded by the 13 Aes Sedai in book 6. However, in that scene there was no cutting of weaves involved, as Rand was not even holding the one power when he got shielded. (not that it would have helped, as he was facing 13 women who were linked).
  6. Can someone list the secret weaves known by all Aajah's of the Aes Sedai, along with description of what they do?
  7. Lanfear was able to drill the Bore herself, with some help. So, after she turned to the Dark, why didn't she finish what she started? She knew the weaves for drilling bores, simply drill and keep drilling until the DO was free. What am I missing here?
  8. The War of the Shadow lasted only 10 years. Thats not enough time to breed a lot of Trollocs. Not only that, Fades born during that time would not have neough time to grow up and mature. So where did the Dark One get his armies from, which conquered the much of the world during the war?
  9. Interesting. However, I have a few questions: -The Chosen were supposed to all be gifted with immortality. So why did the ones that escaped the Sealing die? (the females anyway). Did the sealing of the dark one also remove any gifts of immortality for them?
  10. Keep in mind that the world of Rand is also a mirror world, if viewed through the eyes of someone in one of the mirror worlds (which would make that world the real world). The interesting thing though, is that the Dark One must constantly be getting freed and then bound again in every world. For instance, right after Lews Therin bound him up again in Randland, someone in a mirror world bored a hole the Dark Ones prison there, causing the War of the Shadow to be fought on that world. And then when the Dragon won there, the Dark One got freed on yet another world, and so on and so forth. Is that how you think it is?
  11. But why is the title of Dragon given to the strongest channeler? I mean, all you have to do to get the title is be born with the potential of being the strongest channeler of that age. It doesn't seem to take capability in other arena's into account at all.
  12. Well, most likely someone from the Black Tower. The Aiel are completely loyal to the Dragon Reborn, and will fight with him on Tarmon Gaidon as will the loyal Asha'man. This will undoubtedly generate camraderie between them, so when the Aiel start discovering channelers amongst them, they will likely make an arrangement to the Tower to train them.
  13. Guys, Ishamel was insane in the first three books from channeling the True Power for centuries. That, and the fact that he had always been slightly unhinged from the get go. Or so the other Forsaken say. He thought he was the dark one, and tried to get rand on his side. When he failed, he tried to kill rand. However, rand managed to scrape by, probably because of being taveren, and probably also because ishamel had had no real opposition in centuries and was taken aback when someone fought back. Though I will admit it is not good plotting on RJ's part, having such a powerful bad guy get defeated by an untried and untested hero just because he is the hero. Rand should have had help in taking down Ishamel, say maybe some Aiel Wise Ones entering the dream world and assissting him. Ishamel had the oppertunity to kill Lews Therin as well, as we can see in the prologue to Eye of the World. Ishamel could easily have killed Lews Therin, but he let him commit suicide. Apparently he knew at that time of the dragons rebirth, and wanted another crack at turning him to the shadow. But again, not the best of plotting, for if the Dragon had refused him once in the Age of Legends, what made Ishamel think the reborn version would be any different?
  14. The Aiel have channelers as well. In fact, after Tarmon Gaiden they could very well encourage male channelers among themselves as well, unlike the Seanchen who will likely kill off any male channelers found amongst them because they don't have any adam to control them. Honestly, I feel the Seanchen will make a deal with Rand and the Westlands. In return for aid given against the dark one, the Westlands will allow the Seanchen to maintain a small presence there. The majority of the Seancan will be back home across the sea, while a token presence will remain in the Westlands. Furthermore, Rand may even convince them to stop treating channelers like animals and treat them like human beings.
  15. Why are they so weak? I mean, if I recall correctly Rand kills a couple easily. Also, if they are indeed so weak why didn't Moirainne kill the one that was following the companions during the Eye of The World? She said she couldn't weave on her horse, but then she managed to weave some fog. Instead of that, why didn't she just call down lightning and kill the draghkar? Or if the weave for lightning is more complicated and can't be done on horseback, why didn't she just stop, dismount, and then weave lightning to kill the draghkar?
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