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  1. Yeah the insect one and the ability to cause fear both introduced by Moraine I think that is the only time any are shared rather than just referenced.
  2. In rand's fight with lanfear on the docs, he says spirit woven with fire and earth just so, when he slices her weave. He later talks about the difficulty in slicing weaves that he can't see. I am not sure about this, but it might be that cutting weaves depends greatly on the weave you are using. The weave Nyneave and Moghedien are slicing were all spirit trying to sever or shield. When rand slicing lanfear's she is making the girls feel pain with nothing visibly described except standing on tip toe. It is possible that she was crushing with air or using spirit to cause pain in the same way that A'dam does. Either way later in the fight, he has to slice based on when he feels his weave being sliced, right? So, it seems like certain weaves can be sliced like a shield or most weaves of spirit.
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