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Real Life ta'veren experience


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The craziest thing just happened to me. I went out to eat with a friend, and afterward she wanted a cookie, but not the ghetto Sam's Club cookies available at the bagel shop. So we walked up to Mrs. Fields (a store which sells extremely delicious cookies) only to find it had closed down at some point. No more Mrs. Fields cookies. :sad: We were wandering back towards work, had made it about a half a block... I was working on googling "cookies" + the zip code, when up the street walks these two guys with this HUGE tray of cookies. My friend said "No way! We were just looking for you guys!" and one guy responds "Do you want a cookie?"


And we had some cookies. :biggrin:



Then I had to explain what I meant when I said "Wow you're ta'veren, I've never seen it work so quickly like that!"

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