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  1. My respect and condolences to Mr. Sweet and his family. Hope to see you in TAR or when the horn is blown! Rest in peace good sir.
  2. fantastic! You've read too much wot when you post on facebook that the only gift you want for Christmas is a heron marked blade!
  3. So THATS how Egwene does it!
  4. Make some apples form on a tree in a heartbeat... thats your next step! :D
  5. Ah Egwene. You know on my first read through of this series I loathed Egwene pretty much from the start. She was a bully, she assumed way too much about men, and her braid seemed ten times tighter than Nynaeve's ever could be. She seemed arrogant as well. It wasn't until I got to know Eggy around the 3-4th read that I actually opened my eyes and started seeing her for who she really was. She grows in such a profound way. She starts out in a small backwards sheep herding / tabac farming village in the middle of nowhere, the daughter of the mayor/innkeeper. She leaves for a life of adventure in her youth and finds only pain and hardship as a result. She was enslaved for crying out loud. All her rights and freedoms taken away. Treated as if she were a dog and abused for every misstep. If that alone doesn't change a girl nothing will. She wants so bad to be an AS she dreams about being amyrlin someday and her dreams are very special because they have a tendancy to come true. The white tower sends her away to hunt black ajah, and there is no way she was ready for that, as a result she is captured yet again, abused again. See a trend here? A weak young girl becoming a hard woman. She is further tempered by her training with the wise ones. Her ability in the power counts for nothing among them and they set her down so many notches, all in their very first conversation in the sweat tent. At this point in our story yes she is an arrogant girl, but by the time she leaves to become a puppet amyrlin in the rebels camp she is a woman who is in it for the long haul. Once she is made puppet Amyrlin she is forced to make many difficult decisions. How can anyone fault her for making people swear to serve her? What other options would she have had? Roll over and let those crones in the hall pull her strings? I Think not. She knows there was a reason for her being in Rands life at the start of it all. She knows there is a reason she got on Bella on winternight. It's not arrogance, it's knowing what you have to do and doing the best with what you have. She fights many political battles but at the core of it all is her need to help Rand. Yes it seems like she just wants to unify the tower, it does and there is most likely a dozen or more quotes someone can pull out of the books to support that. However read into what's not written, look at her character and what she has been through before judging her on her actions or thoughts. When you are a leader of people no matter how insignificant a leader you will understand, you need to make a plan, stick with it and make fast decisions on the fly. I think she's done that to great effect. After being captured and tortured by She who must not be named, she made a battle plan. She would not give into any of that womans whims or demands. She stuck to her cause even though it could have been her life. Is that arrogance? If anything its self sacrifice... All throughout her captivity in Tar Valon she sees the destruction Elaida has wrought and it tears her apart. It seethes inside her like a tumor, twisting her soul. She wants Tar Valon to be a better place and she is confident she is the one to do it. The Seanchan attack, she musters her forces and puts on one hellofa defence against huge odds. Is she arrogant while holding tamra's rod? No she is hellbent and determined to stop the institution she loves from being destroyed. She was her own little storm of light. As a result of using so much power she passes out only to be taken away from a certain victory and back into an unknown state of siege on the white tower. Of course shes going to be upset at the people that disobeyed her. It's like knowing you can make that three point shot with 2 seconds on the clock and your coach is screaming at you to pass the ball to get the tie to force overtime. Gawyn's love and stubborness is hard on her. He turns her to mush. She needs to be strong and capable yet when he looks at her shes putty, shes half melted wax. She tries so very hard to balance him and his needs with the needs of the whole white tower. She indulges him where she can by giving him leave to investigate the murders, yet she punishes him when he ruins all her plans. Gawyn gets miffed about it and dips. Then his sister a fellow woman of power and influence explains that he's being a douche that eggy needs him to be there for her, not the other way around. She has weaknesses my friends. She has flaws because she was wrong about the blood knives and she admits it to herself at least, that without gawyn she'd be dead. As for this pact between the channeling women of rand land.... Well no offense intended here ladies and gents but if you see Egwene's plan to link the wise ones and the windfinders to the white tower as some sort of diabolical way of making the white tower the ultimate power in the world, you truly need to go back and read that chapter again. Shes forging a new begining. Shes Perrin only her hammer is her will and the iron on the anvil is the new white tower. Shes shaping a white tower with no secrets, a white tower with no cracks for forsaken or any evil to seep in and stain it. More importantly shes shaping a white tower the other cultures of the world do not fear, and through that a stronger worldly culture. I think if you are an Egwene hater or are leaning more to that boat, first of all if you've only read the story once, read it again. Secondly try to put yourself in her shoes as you read through that story. It might change your opinion. It changed mine. Lastly folks, I think as this story we all love plays out and comes to an end love her or hate her Egwene will be a deciding factor in the last battle. ps just my thoughts and opinion on Eggy, I'm not trying to belittle anyone's own ideas as they are your ideas. Chris.
  6. I have a hard time understanding why some people get so worked up about this apparent sexism in the world of WoT, and in the world in general. Yes in our past there has been instances and periods in time where women were considered the fairer sex. Women couldn't vote and it was considered ill to beat your wife with a stick bigger than the diamater of your thumb. News flash! That's all changed now in North American and European societies at least. In fact the main form of sexism nowadays is chauvanists and feminists who were scorned by the opposite sex at one point in their lives and have undertaken a mindset hellbent on insisting the opposite sex is bad. To say sexism doesn't exist would be utterly daft of me. Sad but true there are still instances of it, but to say the world of WoT is sexist? I mean come on. Men and Women are different, Robert Jordan recognized it and payed homage to it. You can tack on any definitions or descriptions you want. It will never change the fact that Men and Women are of the same race but entirly different at the same time. It's these differences that draw us to eachother. Sexism as was said earlier is a term for demeaning sombody due to what is between their legs. WoT consists of almost 2000 characters in a world where for the most part Women have the role men had 60 years ago in our world. Except the men don't have it so bad do they? They grumble and complain about their place in the world but the village still has a council consisting of men doesn't it? The women have their circle and the two groups bicker back and forth. That in itself mirrors our own world. My aged grandma and grandpa have been married almost 70 years and when I go over to visit them My nan cooks dinner still, nags at my gramps about this, that and the other thing, and he smiles at her. The thing is that you can see the love in his eyes, you can see the fact that no matter what she says or does it will never sway him from her. That is the type of relationships we have in Wot my friends, not the dastardly evil women who control their men, nor the man who thinks less of his woman.
  7. flafro I gotta give you some props for that man. You should think about adding the clan chief dragon to finish off the sleeve on your forearm. Would look sick imo.
  8. I gotta go with the ta'veren choice myself. Although I can't see them becoming some crazy taveren super saiyan... Imagine a scene similar to falme Rand in the sky, his actions controlling the actions of the two forces on the ground. Rand weaves away at his new seal on the bore with his two lady friends in tow, and every bump and hiccup along the way pushes mat and perrin back a step or two until he starts winning. Of course to give it some dramatic flavor you gotta show each hiccup from Matt and Perrin's POV. The scene at Falme was always one of my favorite parts in all of wot so maybe it's just a grim hope. As for the others, well they've been debated quite a bit and for the most part are all plausible except the wonder girls merging to Illyana. How can the three of them stand over a bier looking at rands body, if they are one person?
  9. Interesting points here. I'm sure this has been debated quite frequently here and in other places but here's my take on it. First off i think Saidin was tainted for a couple of different reasons. 1. the lack of Callandor. 2. They sealed the bore with a man made object. cuendillar seals are physical things focus points to shut away the dark one. Perhaps Callandors flaw (lack of buffer) is what protects the user from teh dark ones touch, and in "Sealing" the bore the way LTT did lacking that protection the dark one was able to touch his saidin flows into the seals and taint the entire wheels worth of Saidin. 1 seal was wrought, perhaps the next seal made allowed Big Do to touch saidin even further and so on and so forth. In order to fix this Rand can't use a physical thing to shut the door on big DO. He's gotta use callandor and mend the bore. Return it to its original state. Maybe he'll use his big fancy dragon taveren powers. Bottom line is You cant "seal" this leak. It has to be built anew. Rand is the creator made flesh, the creator sealed Big D away at the moment of creation. I think its safe to say Rands stepping into some pretty big shoes. I really must say i like the padan fain theory. Perhaps Rand will need to use fain as the focus point as he did in shadar logoth, evil fighting evil. Maybe he will seal fain inside the prison so they can have a go and vote a DO off the DO island. However it happens... Its going to rock!
  10. some awesome thoughts here. I think Demandred is running the army attacking caemlyn and will likely go down before TG, and if not it will be one of the mindtrapped ladies. Mo and Nyn are most certainly coming with Rand to SG. Logain kills taim, ends the 13X13 mind control BS thats goin on at the BT, and survives... he better cause he's a great character. Lan killing a forsaken or SH himself would rock too. He is still a king! How many more days till release? >_>
  11. Ahhhhh. Mr. Brandon Sanderson. We owe you a great debt. Nobody will ever have any reasonable argument to the contrary. That being said, can you please please please please revert the bloody ashes to blood and ashes, or the more elaborate Blood and Bloody Ashes? oh and stop saying tempest so much :( It's a word that just seemed to irk me and stuck out to me. I know you're quite fond of it as Im half way through reading the way of kings. In ToM you seemed overfond of it. As for any of the other complaints or critics, they hold no accord in my mind. Thank you very much for undertaking this vast vast work. We are all happy to see it coming to an end. Now strap yourself to your keyboard and dont stop writing!! I want AMoL in 2 months time! :(
  12. Two things I have not seen mentioned yet. Tempestuous, tempest way overused. Bloody ashes.... cmon Mr Sanderson. Its "Blood and Ashes"! LIGHT! Not really errors obviously. I'm just nit picking...
  13. Yeah Terez. Lets just hope its not done flashback style similar to Couladin's head on a pike. I think no matter how the story ends it will be amazing. However some options could be more shallow than others. I like your idea of the wheel being unhinged from the dark ones presence. When I read your post i imagined a big celestial wheel spinning in space, rolling away from a black hole. Leaving the black hole behind. Can we really leave the dark one behind though? If you think about it as Evil being a force that exists because humans exist, would it really be as simple as that to just leave evil behind? To forget about the very nature of Evil you have to see that it comes from human nature. All of us and the wheel of time characters for that matter have the potential to be evil. I think The Creator aka Robert Jordan realized this fact all too well. Seeing how he's told us for almost 20 years that he's had the ending in his head since the begining, and the nature of the evil he created (Similar to some of our own beliefs and customs, Satan etc), I think it would be a disservice to us all if the dark one was just destroyed. Either way however I think I'll be satisfied just knowing how it ends. Leave it to a farthammer to talk about poo :P
  14. Ah thanks mattaz. The props are appreciated. On another note does anyone know if the audio book is available upon hardback release? I've always gotten mine after reading the hardbacks. Situations arise where i may be able to listen to the books at work.... Rather than playing hookie for a couple of days to read the book, id rather listen and read when i can. lol. Any info would be hot. Thanks.
  15. First and foremost Chapter one is EPIC. Truly epic. Having the common mans (Bunt) perspective on the way the world is turning for the worst was simply fantastic. I really enjoyed someones post earlier about flying from new york to LA how you forget there are millions of people below you passing in the blink of an eye. An apt description of exactly what Rand has been doing since taking Callandor in TDR. He's been so objective oriented he never took the time to think of what the people need him to be. I see some deliberation going on here about what it is that Rand is doing. I think its relatively safe to assume that he is being the "Dragon Reborn". Tied to the land. Some folks here have been saying he is using "the dragon power" "dragveren" etc. I have a similar take on things. Lews Therrin Telemon was the first among servents. Taveren himself. But no mention was ever given to my knowledge of the wonders Rand has done in chapter 1 of towers of midnight. Rand actually exerted Nymm / Creator type powers which i believe are typical only to the Dragon Reborn. Think about it like this. The dragons soul is destined to be the light of hope and salvation for the world. In each age a dragon emerges he saves, yet destroys the world as we know it. In AoL LTT saved the world from the dark one by sealing him in the bore with the 7 seals. Yet in his pride he doomed men to go mad. The world breaks and the third age is born. 3000 years pass and Rand is born to be the salvation from the dark one as the seals weaken and he touches the world. Will Rand break the world? I think not. He will however destroy how we have come to think of the world. Weather its the destruction of The one power or not we have yet to see. That being said. I truly think that even though the Dragon and the Dragon Reborn are the same soul reborn over eternity, a thousand times a thousand times, "The Dragon Reborn" Is built on an entirely different scope and scale as "The Dragon". He is meant to see his past lives. Lews therrin was never meant to see who he had been before. Rand is meant to see the mistakes of other past lives. He's seen them in The Great Hunt through the botched portal stone run to Falme. He's meant to understand how to defeat or seal away the dark one for 3 ages. Therefore he's meant to have powers greater than Taveren or the pattern intself. The dragon reborn has done this several times over the course of the turning of the wheel. Wouldn't it be swell if at the end of the series or towards the end, we hear Rand say. "I've won again Shaitan". I just think it would be an awesome shout out to book 2 and Rand hearing Baalzamon's / Ishy's voice saying "I've won again Lews Therrin" hundreds of times. Anyway just my take on things. Cj~
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