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  1. Martok, I know what you mean. When I first read that book I think I was reeling in shock. It was horrible, in the way a book should be. As in, this is so horrifying I can't believe this just happened to a character I love oh my god.
  2. @Naddy, I agree that the way Rand, Mat and Perrin act can be incredibly annoying. That said when I first read this series (I was twelve) I was actually on their side regarding Moiraine et al. Of course that just reinforces the fact that Rand and Mat and Perrin can be incredibly immature. As for Selene, she is essentially described as the hottest woman alive, so spectacularly beautiful that ones jaw just drops. I described Rand's situation with Selene to my husband once (he hasn't read the books) and asked how he would have reacted when he was twenty, even if the really beautiful woman seemed sort of suspicious. My husband said he wouldn't have cared or paid attention to the suspiciousness since OMG HOT LADY WANTS ME. Also, remember that Rand is a virgin, so that makes it even more difficult to think with the head on his shoulders when confronted with the most beautiful lady ever who is also hitting on him.
  3. @Amberfly: Yeah AMOL was hard to read. I'm pretty sure it was that long battle chapter where I just finally refused to stop reading until I had finished the book. My husband doesn't read WoT (yet ) but both of my parents are fans of the book and I couldn't say anything to them! Oh man it was so hard.
  4. I first read this series when I was twelve, and Crossroads of Twilight had come out shortly before I found the first book. Since I was in school at the time it took me about a week per book unless I had a weekend to power through. So from the when I first picked the books up until AMOL came out... Ten years. Wow. When KOD and on came out I remember it taking about 2-3 days per book, but I was barely remembering to eat or drink. My poor husband, when I was reading AMOL I think halfway through the book I just refused to sleep, and it was like 10am and he comes into the room where I am just weeping uncontrollably and is like; "WTH?! Did you never GO TO SLEEP?" And I'm like.... "Yes?" *sobs some more* Yup. Ten years. Wow. I mean these books defined my teenage years in so many ways, it awes me when I think that the first two books were published before I was born. God I love this series.
  5. I cried for the last one hundred pages. Seriously. I don't even like Gawyn and Egwene, but when Gawyn died my eyes watered and then Egwene... I just broke down bawling.
  6. You've brought me to tears Jason. Thank you for writing this, for reminding me of why I have loved this series since I was merely thirteen years old. Thank you so much.
  7. Just wanted to say that I love this theory. I don't have anything constructive to say but it makes a lot of sense. I really hope that whatever revelations or events that happen in AMoL don't contradict this, because it is now my favorite concept of the Wheel of Time world.
  8. RIP Darrel K Sweet. Were it not for your incredibly small Moiraine on the cover of the Eye of the World I would never have discovered this incredible series.
  9. These two posts summarize my feelings on Wheel of Time characters. I feverishly despise Egwene and Gawyn far more than any other characters in the books because if they were real people I'd hate them to. Which like Tyzack and Goldstar say just goes to show how incredible at writing RJ was.
  10. Um, its his series? I mean as much as I'm sure he loves Wheel of Time he's doing us a bit of a favor by working on WoT instead of the characters he created himself.
  11. Dumai's Wells is one of the coolest things in the entire series! Glad to see someone who is enjoying the books for the first time.
  12. Although I feel it is unlikely that new WoT content, aka the Outriggers or that story about Tam would be adapted as Graphic Novels I would absolutely love if they were. As much as I love Sanderson his voice is distinct enough from Jordan's that on occasion I find myself flinching at a very 'Un-Wheel-of-Timeish' phrase. I'd rather read them as graphic novels than books to be honest, although I love books far more than Graphic Novels. If there were Graphic Novels set in the War of Power or Age of Legends that would be awesome in all ways possible. Honestly I just love the WoT, and for it to be continued, under Harriet's watchful eyes, in any form, would be counted a blessing by myself. I voted Yes.
  13. Travelling hands down. I'd be able to go anywhere in the blink of an eye, without having to pay a penny. Second choice is Healing. If I could travel and heal I could do a lot of good in the world, that's for certain.
  14. Oh my god you just explained perfectly why I despise Gawyn! Thank you so much!
  15. I knew making this thread was a good idea! Your all so inspiring! And I'm really starting to like Sofia or Sonya. Maybe I should edit the poll to add it in?
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