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  1. The craziest thing just happened to me. I went out to eat with a friend, and afterward she wanted a cookie, but not the ghetto Sam's Club cookies available at the bagel shop. So we walked up to Mrs. Fields (a store which sells extremely delicious cookies) only to find it had closed down at some point. No more Mrs. Fields cookies. We were wandering back towards work, had made it about a half a block... I was working on googling "cookies" + the zip code, when up the street walks these two guys with this HUGE tray of cookies. My friend said "No way! We were just looking for you guys!" and one guy responds "Do you want a cookie?" And we had some cookies. Then I had to explain what I meant when I said "Wow you're ta'veren, I've never seen it work so quickly like that!"
  2. Loial can sing himself a staff, but that doesn't count I guess. Nope, nothing wrong with that. I was reading along the other day, and came to the part where Avi discovers she has a talent for discovering what misc *angreal do. She comes across one that that requires a song to make it function. At first I thought "Maybe that's what the Tinkers are actually looking for!?" And then I thought "Oh that's right, there is no song, this RJ is a moron. He should consult with Luckers on this stuff..." Ah well.
  3. Or... maybe we'll give them fair warning and they'll avoid GRRM's work. Problem is, (almost) nothing happens in CoT. I just did a reread, and it was a pain getting through it. You could probably skip it altogether and hardly notice you missed anything. I think it was 600 pages before I came to a part I enjoyed reading. Rest was just a chore. Exactly!! And it's really long too. When you listen to the audio, you have to listen to Kate for like 15 hours in a row. It hurts. EXACTLY!!!!!! Eggy getting taken was cool, but it didn't happen until I listened to about 30 hours of story. And, sadly, due to the immortal nature of the heroes of our story, it wasn't a cliff hanger ending. When she got snatched I knew everything would turn out just fine...
  4. WoW, I thought the song was a song this whole time myself. Damnit, why don't these books come with some kind of guide telling me how I'm supposed to interpret this stuff? There is a sword that is not a sword, why couldn't RJ have called this the song that isn't a song? Killin' me!!! Sorry, it's just been tripping me out about this board lately. I've been on other similar boards, and people say things like "Hmmm... that's how you interpret that? Interesting. I always thought the author was trying to say......" Where here it's more like "Sorry, but this is garbage. You're actually making things up." And then we get the authorative opinion from Luckers or Terez (although they aren't always the same opinion) and are told that our opinions aren't valid, we've interpreted it wrong. The only correct way to interpret it is the way that Luckers did, unless you are Terez. Sorry, still adapting to life on Dragonmount.
  5. WoW, that's really good. Two eyes makes sense. All of us have two. Well, most of us. Well, OK, but... It would have to be a dark (TP) pool though, to balance the light (OP) pool. The eye from the first book was good. The eye in the last book will be bad. It would be interesting! Maybe these silly forsaken will put up a fight after all, when they get their secret weapon...
  6. Hmmm.... so different people interpret this differently. Just the way RJ wanted it, fancy that. Now why do you guys feel the need to make everybody else interpret it the same way you do? Mr. Jordan would like us to think for ourselves.
  7. If there is another way to cause tension without using deaths, RJ did not know what it was. There really is no tension in this series, and it makes it seem a little "kiddie". I mean, Harry Potter was written for children and people die. When you read parts you've never read before, you know that anybody can die anytime. With WoT... Was long and boring. You knew the whole time everything would turn out OK, and nobody was going to get killed. Is stupid, because you already know ahead of time no matter what Graendal tries, it will end in failure, and Perrin will be just fine. Was also boring, because just like all the kidnappings that came before and after, you knew he would be rescued and nobody important would be lost during the rescue. Was stupid for several reasons, the #1 reason being it took 3 frickin books, and the whole time you knew that Perrin would rescue Faile, you just didn't know how or when he would hurry up and get it over with. Don't get me wrong, there were some tense parts, and some excitement, but it is missing an element. When you read a good book, part of the excitement is that you don't know how it's going to end. When you read a kids book and can see the ending coming from halfway through the book, that's not really entertaining for adults. I only recently had a child, so have just gotten back into reading children's books but there it is. When you are reading the WoT for the first time, and you get to about book 4, you have it figured out. Nobody is going to get hurt in this fight of good vs evil. I actually really don't like it when characters die in books. Especially with Steve King, he makes you love them so much, and then abruptly kills them. I thought the first 4 books of aSoFaI were obnoxious due to the amount of deaths (and gore and profanity for profanity's sake). But I tell you, I'm reading the new one, and I haven't been this hungry for a story in a long long time. I want to know what's going to happen, and each chapter is exciting, because it could be that character's last chapter. When GRRM's character falls in the river, you pretty much consider him a gonner. When he gets rescued, it's a total surprise! When Nyn fell in the river, I just rolled my eyes and wondered who was going to fish her out. I already knew how that was going to end, with Nyn safe and sound. I guess there is a fine line between too many deaths and not enough deaths. No deaths is boring (in a story like this one, the age old battle of good vs evil). If the WoT was a football game, at the end of the game the score would be good guys 100, bad guys 0, the good guys would have no dirt on their uniform... and the crowd would be snoozing peacefully in the stands. (If you're not American, feel free to replace the phrase "football game" with the phrase "football match")...
  8. That's from Luckers' interview w/ Harriet. I googled it not so long ago. I told my friend "As surely as peaches are poison" and he was like "what's that all about?" So I told him it's from WoT. I googled "peaches are poison" thinking that all entries would be WoT related, but instead all entries were related to peaches actually being poisonous right here in our Age. Weird stuff. It would be interesting if one the characters didn't know peaches are poison, and went ahead and ate some. Are they really poisonous? Or is it just that people think that? Hmmmm....
  9. I've read everything too, and have never heard of Gormenghast until just now. They have them on CD at my local library, so somebody has heard of them. I'm going to check it out!
  10. /\ Do you remember him thinking about Hawkwings face in several men's memories though? A funny thing about your sig quote. I was reading along and got to that part. I thought, "Hey, it's almost to that guys sig quote! Here it comes... wait for it... there it is!!" It's a good part.
  11. I just read a part and thought about all of this... Tuon asks him if he remembers the face of Hawkwing, she doesn't know why she asked, it must have been his Ta'vereness. He remembers seeing Hawkwings face in several men's memories. That tells me that his memories overlap, because even if he was born again the minute he died, he would only have met Hawkwing a couple times... I'm listening to audio, so going back and finding the part would be nearly impossible. But I'm near the beginning of CoT, I think it was earlier in this book.
  12. That's true. I just started DwD, and I'm so excited about reading the book. It made me sad, because I didn't have this feeling when reading the two recent WoT books. And I thought I liked WoT a lot more than aSoFaI (or however they do that)...
  13. I'm pretty sure that was a joke. You wetlanders and your sense of humor... And here's how it went down. When you give a prophecy, you just space out and speak. Somebody else has to record it. When the one giving the prophecy said "Once for Morning, Once for Earth" the lady writing it down totally misheard and wrote down the wrong thing.
  14. I think that's a different situation though, book 1 was written for kids of a certain age. Each year became more difficult to read and contained more mature material. It was designed for the same kids as they grew up. It's a little tough now, all 7 books are available. My nephew is half way through the series, and my sister and I discussed this recently. She reads them first, and she's on year 4 (or 5?) and not sure if she wants him to continue reading the series just yet. So yeah, book 7 is long and uses words like "effing" because those little year 1 rascals are all growed up now. And it felt incredibly rushed and unsatisfying. Really? Which part felt rushed to you? I didn't get that feeling. Maybe I did, and I thought "wow, these guys have to rush if they're going to save the Tower." As opposed to WoT where I wonder why everybody seems to be dilly-dallying their way to the LB. "Sure, it's coming someday, no worries, I'm sure I'll be there." "Unless Faile is kidnapped, then I have better crap to do than worry about the LB." Sigh. And check it out, if DT felt rushed being told in just 7 books, no worries, he's still adding to it. And he has so many non DT books that actually are DT books. It would have been cool if RJ did something like that. The possibilities would have been endless. He could have had a crazy SciFi book and just been like "in one age, known to some as the 7th age..." because nobody knows anything about the 7th age. I just think that any time RJ got an idea, instead of being a great idea for a new book, he had to add it to the WoT series. I think if he lived a long healthy life the series would have been wrapped up at about book 20. BS is covering a lot of material, and I don't see how even after all that he's given us, he can fit the rest into just 1 book.
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