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Gears of War 3


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some thoughts

1. deathmatch is lame. this is gears of war not call of duty, why are you camping?

2. beast mode is a lot of fun but they should have let you play against actual players who were playing in horde mode.

3. horde is more or less the same as GoW2. casual is actually really hard, I dread "normal" and insane should be renamed "nightmare".

4. wth is with the gun skins? anyone else not care at all?

5. only 6 maps? way to try to suck everyone's money up with DLC that is probably already on the disc.

6. WOW! amazing graphics. lol this should have been #1 oh well.

7. the story was super boring and explained nothing. I still have no idea who these people are or why they're here or why the locust are fighting and what are these lambent things? soooooo lost.

8. the retro lancer needs a larger clip to make up for it's inaccuracy.

9. killing each other at the same time is not a solution to lag. games need to stop doing this.

10. downing with active snipers is gone? guess I'm never using the longshot ever again.

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Further thoughts:


My friends and I have been playing Horde pretty often. The upgrades keep us coming back and trying to beat it on other maps. Oh we haven't beaten it yet... got to 48 on Normal. Of course this was before we unlocked the silverback, etc.


I don't mind Deathmatch. You have 15 shared lives.


I have barely played the campaign. So far pretty boring and FILLED with cutscenes. I don't like cutscenes... well... unless they are few and far between.


Beast mode is fun but kind of easy once you unlock the big guys. I wish there were more than 12 levels though.

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This weekend will be a clusterf*ck of parties, concerts, work and this game. Every moment of my spare time will be dedicated to the utmost enjoyment of this game. Breath will be caught, hands will sweat, hearts will race, and beer will be consumed.


It's coming.








In other news, sweeeeeeeeet!



The second piece of downloadable content for Gears of War 3 has been revealed.


The content is titled “RAAM’s Shadow” and promises “more than three hours” of gameplay, six new multiplayer characters, the Chocolate Weapon Set and an additional 250 achievement points.


“RAAM’s Shadow” is set before the events of the original Gears of War, and puts players in the shoes of Zeta squad lead by Michael Barrick (from the Gears of War comics), Lt. Minh Young Kim (Gears 1) and Tai Kaliso (Gears 2), and a new female, Alicia Valera. Players will eventually get to play as General RAAM, the Locust leader players fight at the end of the first game. "RAAM's Shadow" costs 1,200 Microsoft Points and will be out December 13.


“When we announced the ‘Gears 3’ Season Pass, we immediately started getting hundreds of questions from fans about what the game add-ons would be,” said Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski. “We’re really excited to be lifting the curtain on the first two releases, first with the ‘Horde Command Pack’ and now with ‘RAAM’s Shadow,’ which gives fans a new perspective on the ‘Gears’ universe and is also the biggest DLC release we’ve ever made.”



Wait, so you're telling me I get to play as the biggest, baddest, coolest locust alive (well, not since I killed him a few years back)?


Yes please!

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