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Going on a Walkabout for 4 weeks

Jason Denzel

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Hi everyone,


I just sent this same note to the DM staff, but realized it's appropriate to share with all of you as well.


Beginning tonight (Sept 16), I will be on a 4-week leave of absence with minimal access to DM, email, or anything. While I won't be TOTALLY OFFLINE (ZOMG!), the intent of this "personal retreat" is to cultivate some silence, reflection, and good energy for myself.


I will be travelling during this time. About a week from now I will be visiting Brandon Sanderson's house for a few days and staying with his family. They were very kind (and brave) to invite me into their home for this time. In addition to getting all the fun AMOL secrets1, I plan to do some of my own writing and hope his crazy-prolific writing powers rub off on me. I'll probably document that experience on the DM twitter and Facebook pages. Myself or somebody on the the DM staff will mirror it over to the forums and front page as necessary. So be on the look out!


After that I'll be alone in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for several weeks. Assuming I don't get eaten by a bear, I will return on October 17th.


And if any of you are paying close attention, you'll notice that I am leaving on this personal retreat on the anniversary of RJ's death, and returning on the anniversary of RJ's birth. I didn't plan that.


... Cool, huh?


Anyway, I wish you all the best for a month. Be well.


Best to you all,




1: Yeah. Not really. ;-)

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