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Write the end to WoT


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Hi, I thought it would be fun to write your own ending to the series. Mine is a bit long, and I got a bit hasty, but it works well I think.

btw, did you ever notice that the whole the north and east must be as one, and the west and south must be as one, is the yingyang?



My ending for wheel of time.


Hordes. Hordes and legions of trollocs. There numbers were only dwarfed by the ravens in the sky. Black on black, a never ending vision of black. Rand forced himself to breath normally, but there was no hiding his hesitation.


“heads we win, tails we lose” Mat, flips a coin. As it reachs the zenth of its height, it fades a little, that had been happening to often lately, the pattern was getting thin. Perrin grabs the coin before Mat can and throws it away.


“we win” he growls


At least we are whole now, that we got rid of the darkfriends, and man there was a lot, Rand thinks. Under this sign will I conquer, so he had drawn up his battle plans to resemble a yingyang, no matter which way we get hit, we will hold.


It is time, Rand says, he channels with Nayneave and the Seachan chick, and makes everyone on earth who is not a darkfriend into warders.


I always wanted to say this, uno says. To the pit of doom with all of you. Chicks arch eyebrows at him but he lolls it off.


The dreadlords send everyone into battle, and dies a little each time someone else gets cut down. And people die a lot.


The group, slowly make their way to the pit of doom losing people all the way, egwene and gywan die together holding the spiky passage against millions.


Rand walks alone into the Pit, and confronts Dammy, who was posing as Taim up until recently. He wrecks him in convicing fashion. Then Fain pops out of now where and says “shank” and stabs Rands eyes. As he is about to kill Rand, Lanfear says, oh no u didn’t and slaps him back. Fain then gets nasty with Lanfear and beats her up bad, but before she dies, she tells Rand how to close the bore, and that she did love him. Rand figures out that Fain ( or more presicly the shadowmorgoth part of Fain) is the counter balance to the Darkones evil. The creators evil version had been held in balance by mans own evil manifestation.


Mordin makes his camo and says, I figured that out along time ago. Fain goes Apeshit, because the two people he hates most are with him, and a battle royal with Fain, mordith and Rand ensues. Min sacreafices herself, and that with coupled with all the other warder deaths that Rands pyche has endured makes his mind snap. Fain thinks Rand has died. And Mordeth and Fain battle each other. Rand pulls himself together and reaches out to the creator again like he did in #1 and the creator says, “ it is as it should be”. Rand somehow gets the inspiration and channels, weaving his flows into the flows that mordith is using to kill Fain. The two figures are both sealed into the bore together and the bore ceases to exist.

As the sea pounds on the shores, an old man and his grandson chat on the porch“


Tell me the story of the Dragon again”


Fortune prick me, do you not know the tale yet?


Older sister runs off to tell grandma about the swearing.


Well, let me tell you a tale. The LEGEND OF THE DRAGON.


The wheel of time turns and Ages come an pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the third Age by some, an Age yet to come, and Age long past, a wind died around walking chair. The wind was not the end, There are neither beginning nor ends to the turning on the wheel. But it was an ending.




Meanwhile in the Bore... Next time Dragon... NEXT TIME!

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3. Demandred is not Mazrim Taim.

4. Lanfear, now known as Cyndane, wants nothing more than killing Rand.

5. The Creator doesn't say anything. He also didn't say anything in TEotW. That was the Dark One, luring Rand into something.

6. You can't bond that much people as your warder.

7. Where is Graendal?

8. It has to end with "Time".


Do I need to go on?

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7. Where is Graendal?


Given Graendal's current situation I doubt you would want to read about where she is. Short answer is probably "at the end of Shadar Haran's (insert witty phallic metaphor)" or in a very similar situation. Graendal might make an appearance at the last battle, but she will be very dogged and have lost a great deal of her former glory. Moghedien was pretty shameless and after SH's affections she was noticeably less full of herself than she was before.

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Haha long story short at first I misunderstood what you meant by the Creator doesnt speak. I thought you meant he sits there silent for eternity, and Im certain there must have been SOME time when he spoke to someone, but I realized after posting you meant hes never spoken onscreen in EotW or any book.


Shorter version I agree with what you said but I was too lazy to edit

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I had the stunning revelation that Rand will be forced with a choice to seal the bore and perpetuate more suffering of his people tied to the fate of the wheel turning through the ages again, so many souls burned from the pattern again and again and again in the shadow's wars, sort of like a matrix ending. Rand can choose to live and seal the bore or to die and be reborn again in another 3000 years all over again.


Rand chooses his own option, shattering the wheel and TURNING TIME LINEAR! By doing this, he gives less power to the pattern and more to folks to live out their lives without being the pawns in the struggle for the Creator and the Dark One to gain their favor and control.

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one i don't expect for the end of the book, but a fun one in the way


"this is the end, of the Wheel of time"


notice the emphasis.


but i think isy and therin both see the problem with a cyclical universe. if everything just happens over and over again nothing really changes, and nothing gets done. but they have different solutions. ishy is just tired of it, and wants it over. therin is also tired of it, but i think he will decide it should be left to its own devices.

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I think the Final seen will be everyone hanging out in the Two Rivers at Bel Tine. This is what everyone was trying to do in the very beginning of the books but they never got the chance. It fits well with the Circular nature of the world, and it also fulfills a good amount of foreshadowing for Matt and Egwene, who both make internal promises to visit the two Rivers again.

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