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  1. I understand this is a discussion board for A Memory of Light, but when I come here in the mornings before work and during my lunch break I want to see theories discussed - not whatever this is. I even understand that some people need to have an outlet for their criticism, but when I came to this thread I thought that perhaps it had an interview with Brandon or something like that. Threads like these make me want to stop visiting the forums. Could we at least put tags on these threads so that readers like me who are happy with Brandon's work and consider the books he did to be some of the best in the series (far better in my opinion than Crown of Swords, Winters Heart, Path of Daggers, Crossroads of Twilight, and Knife of Dreams) do not have to have sour threads like these ruin their mornings?
  2. I thought that (based on what we know of how the mindtrap works) that both the Memory of Light prologue and Towers of Midnight epilogue had Cyndane behaving earnestly. We know that a person whose mindtrap is broken will behave as an automaton basically while their true selves watch from inside their head. What better punishment for Lanfear than to make her watch as she herself works tirelessly to kill her beloved Lews Therin? I think what we saw in the Towers of Midnight epilogue was her trueself who could only be reached in the world of dreams by visiting her dream.
  3. This is ridiculous - this reeks of a scam as bad as anything you will see on craigslist! I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't April Fools or anything of the like. I think we as fans just need to accept that Robert Jordan was right to despise these people and just wait patiently for a real game to come out (even if it is fan produced).
  4. I would very much like to see this quote since it would definitely change my opinion on the subject. I still hold to that those dice will have some importance in the last book.
  5. Yes but Arthur isn't known for being a famous general as much as he is for his other exploits. Rand/LT is also an excellent general himself (probably somewhere between Mat and Perrin in skill), but that isn't really that big a part of who he is as a character - same as it isn't that big of a part of the Arthur legends.
  6. Alas, she wasn't. She can Travel on her own, that we know for certain. It's also a good measure for her strength. However, 13th Depository's Linda ranked Verin on the 8th level of strength (out of 21 levels for female chanelers, as per RJ's remark) in her saidar ranking. It's mostly a matter of comparison with other womem, so it's not immediately clear why she has to be on that level (basically, if we take Moiraine as a marker at level 12, then Sheriam is weaker and Kiruna weaker still, but more than one level above Merana, which is as strong as Verin), but either way she can't be too strong. For comparison, the bunch Cads refers to in New Spring are level 13 and higher, the wondergirls level 15 (Nynaeve on level 18) and Lanfear stands alone at level 21. Nevertheless, a bunch of Andoran guards are no match for her, I definitely agree. Hmmm that is interesting but I thought Alivia was as strong as Lanfear was (someone saying they believed she was as strong as a woman could be in the one power). If it is because of what Cyndane said (about it being impossible for her to be stronger) that doesn't mean it isn't possible to be as strong as. Back on topic though . . . After rereading the section that has her letter, I am even more sure that Verin intended Mat to be there and to do something about it. Remember, characters in this series can be wrong about people and in this case Verin was only slightly wrong. She honestly thought that Mat would initially balk at opening the letter but would open it eventually because of his curious nature. She couldn't have forseen his reasoning that he couldn't take the chance on opening it lest it could potentially order him to do something long and time consuming.
  7. I think Aviendha will go up against Graendal - she really hasn't had her big fight scene yet. I get the impression she will fight someone important but everyone I can think of are either too weak (like a dark friend Bair or Amys) or too strong (like Graendal). It is more likely she will lead a circle of Aiel Wise Women to fight Graendal than fight a bunch of dark friend Wise Women. As far as the Shadar Haran fight, I think it will be Fain. I say this not because I believe no one else can take SH, but because Fain still has a part to play and I am not sure he would even be able to attack Rand while Rand was fighting anyone. Dark friends can't seem to tolerate his radiance when he channels.
  8. Hmm I am not sure I can see that being tied to Mat in any way (other than the world not being done with battle). Every person and group mentioned seems pretty clear cut to me.
  9. Aren't all important story resolutions handled that way? I agree with it being Selucia asking Tuon. While someone may ask Egwene when he goes and gets the horn, I doubt much will hinge on that moment since by now Egwene probably knows that for anyone else it would just be a horn. If they want the horn sounded at the last battle they either need to give it to Mat or kill him and give it to someone else - I don't see the latter being given any serious thought. No big surprise in Mat being central to a Seanchan peace with Rand as far as I am concerned.
  10. Just because Egwene's perspective told about her thoughts on some of the black sisters, doesn't mean she pondered at all of them in a way for us to get a comprehensive list. If Alanna being black was suppose to be a surprise, it would be simple enough to leave her out and then have her reflect on it later. I do not think she is though. My opinion isn't based on the reading, just on my gut.
  11. While not necessarily the only way, I think it is the most likely reason for her diminished strength. Being transmigrated isn't the same as being reborn so the ability of the one person to channel the one power remains the same as when they died (thus Aran'gar channels Saidin). So if Lanfear was fed on and then transmigrated to Cyndane, Cyndane would have diminished strength. That doesn't prove that anyone is lying though. There could be dozens of reasons why she died after she was fed on that still allow for someone having came for her. Perhaps they came just to kill her. Would certainly be easier for the shadow to kill her and transmigrate her than trying to bargain with the 'finns. Or perhaps they came and got her only to find she was stark raving mad (or incapacitated in some other way that wouldn't effect her transmigration) and had to put her down. A forsaken without any legs would hardly be ideal after all.
  12. I doubt foreshadowing alone will be enough to keep the community going unless Brandon Sanderson or others continue to expand the series in other ways (Outrigger Novels for example). Oh there will be some die hard fans, but I remember how quickly fan bases dissipated way back when the series Animorphs ended. There is still a community out there if I remember correctly, but it is not even close to what it once was. Best way to fix that problem is for the MMO not to suck (since the movie(s) will almost certainly suck). I have seen what LoTRO has done for the Lord of the Rings series (in many ways more than the movies which inspired the creation of the game did) and I would love for such an MMO based on the WoT series to keep the blood flowing in the community.
  13. Given Graendal's current situation I doubt you would want to read about where she is. Short answer is probably "at the end of Shadar Haran's (insert witty phallic metaphor)" or in a very similar situation. Graendal might make an appearance at the last battle, but she will be very dogged and have lost a great deal of her former glory. Moghedien was pretty shameless and after SH's affections she was noticeably less full of herself than she was before.
  14. He is a man and as such is different from a weapon - mainly (for the point of this metaphor) in that he has feelings. Most of the story he was pretty one dimensional in his purpose (duty told him he had to die at shayol ghul so that is what he was going to do) but now there is an actual "why" behind the reason he is fighting.
  15. Pevara is going to escape, join with someone strong enough to actually do the deed, or be destroyed. Oh sure she can try to outsmart 400+ people with her motley crew of Aes Sedai (a lot of which are probably turned and she doesn't know that). I can try to outsmart the government on my taxes by claiming to be 13 disabled people too.
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