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Hello everyone!

Rand alSaurus

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Hey there folks! Long time lurker here, first time poster!


I'm a huge WoT fan. Even though I was a late starter (less than 2 years ago), the series has had me from book 1. I'm currently on my first re-read, in TPoD now.


My favorite books are probably LoC and WH. I am dying to get back to WH again... the cleansing was epic. Probably one of my favorite sequences in the whole series. The madness of all the linked Aes Sedai and Asha'man fighting forsaken (and we learn quite a bit about the forsaken present.. which is a very nice treat!), and in the middle of it all, Rand and Nynaeve on the ground-not appearing to be doing anything in particular-holding the access keys which are glowing insanely bright with the One Power. Crazy theatrics, powerful scenes, and fun POVs.


I can't imagine having to pick just one favorite character. I've always liked Moiraine, and all 3 boys. And.. I've always rooted for Egwene. Maybe I see some of myself in her (I started and finished college at a young age). But while I can understand the hate that some people have for her, I think she is exactly what the pattern needed to get the squabble of so-called Aes Sedai in check. She isn't perfect, but she is at least what is needed to fix the White Tower as she found it. Someone else will take that charge someday and the wheel will weave as it wills.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do until AMOL comes out.. I've read Brandon Sanderson's standalone novels, and will venture into Mistborn next. But I'm definitely going to finish this re-read. And at least one more before AMOL comes out. I keep up with Brandon on Twitter as well as the #wotrr tag and I follow a few key people (Dragonmount and tordotwot and Terez. ha). I'd love to see a WoT game for PS3. Not so sure about a movie, but a series might be worth a shot.


At any rate, now that I've signed up I can actually go post in some of the threads I've been lurking for some months. Hi! Bye!

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lol i like your nick.


Welcome to DM.


IF you havent read the full series yet - i recommend doing most of your reading in the Structured WoT discussion forum as its less spoilerish than the other sections.


Your first full read through is a magical experience so try not to have it spoiled.


Everyone on here is really nice - take your time to get to know the natives.

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I'm gonna call you Saur. Hello Saur! Welcome to DM!!!!!!!


So do you need a grand tour since you've been lurking? Any social groups in particular you like?


WH is also one of my favorites. TGS is another. I love all of the last few though. I am also a Egwene person. Welcome to the club. We're thinking about getting tshirts ;)


Hmmm... Should suggest that to Ta'avern tees....

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Welcomes from me too!


Noooooo! I'm just reading WH (for the first time, really) so I had to skip a part of your post. I still saw something... But don't worry :happy: I don't mind little spoilers, they only make me hungry for more!


Anywayz... another welcome to DM! I hope to see you in some social group or a discussion!

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Welcome to DM!


This is a great place for all crazy WoT fans. I guess you have already noticed but there are many great forums in here. If you like to interact and make new friends with other members I recommend joining a Social Group. I´m a member of Aiel, Black Tower and Shayol Ghul. I´m sure the other ones are great too. Check them out and see what might interest you. If you have any questions you are welcome to send me a PM.

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LOL spoiling someones first read through of WoT in your introduction on DM.



That deserves some kind of award.




or something


haha :) jk


LMAO! Good one, Dewairah *grins*


Welcome to DM, Saurus. You can keep yourself busy at the Social Groups or at the Role Playing side while you wait for the next book :wink:

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