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  1. Finally got my WoT tattoo!! I've been planning this one out for a while. I knew I wanted the serpent-wheel logo somewhere, but I really couldn't make up my mind... Until this week! This is my artist's take on the classic serpent/wheel logo. Totally custom piece. I'm thrilled. It's still new, and definitely still healing.. It has that shiny fresh-ink look.
  2. Yeah I totally forgot about Bela... This hit me especially hard since we heard it from Brandon that she'd live. It was a combination of sadness and anger...
  3. The first time I got choked up was where we get a quote from Loial's book. Except it said "From the notebook of Loial son of..." I yelled aloud "YOU CAN'T KILL LOIAL!!!" From there it was all downhill. Egwene's death got to me, but it was noble, therefore not overly sad. Birgette's passing was absolutely heart-wrenching. I cried. When she came back as a hero, I cried harder. Noal coming back to Olver. Olver's whole arc.. Just depressing. When I thought Lan died. Poetic, and just... But it got to me. And when he stood with Dem's head in his hand.. I lost it all over again. Perrin laying down to die when he assumed Faile was done. I never really liked Faile. I wanted her to die. But when I realized it would actually kill Perrin as well (like he said earlier in the series), I felt for him. The funeral pyre. Man, oh man. All those people that loved the DR, that were thankful for his sacrifice, saying goodbye.. I'm welling up right now!
  4. You know she lived, right? She was hiding among corpses, and after the last battle was captured by Seanchan and put on a damane leash... I think that's a more fitting ending for her anyway.
  5. Well I'm somewhere inside the giant chapter, so this is the safest place for me to hang right now. I should finish the book tonight, with a little less than 200 pages to go. Aside from some extremely awkward and choppy dialogue, I'm happy with the book so far. There are a few things that make me go "HUH?" and I've had a couple "OH NO!" moments. My eyes got a little watery once or twice. I've laughed out loud several times. The Lan POVs in the beginning were some of my favorite. But right now I'm completely in awe of Androl and Pevara. When BS said awesome, he meant it. They've quickly become my favorite characters in the series. And all from the events in just one book. I can't really see where this is headed yet. It really seems too few pages to wrap up what needs to be. I have the strange feeling I'm going to be left with too many questions. I just hope there's a sense of completion at the end. That it comes together somehow. I wish I could speak a little more freely about some of the things that happened, but I am a hair past chapter 35 and I don't want to say things I shouldn't. I've been surprised though, and I'm starting to worry about some of our friends that still live.. Sigh..
  6. Final Memory! Maybe Fortuona to Rand after he's knelt..? Bahahaha. Seems like something Rand would say ... Though there are no quotes around the words. Interesting!
  7. You can read all the thread titles without encountering a single spoiler AT THIS TIME. It's broken down by chapters (prologue - ch3, prologue - chX, full book, etc. then others.. prophecy, quality discussion, typos, chapter titles...). The titles don't give anything away and you should be able to hop into the prologue - ch3 without spoiling anything past that. Not that I've ventured into ANY of those threads, but that's the spirit of the board. :)
  8. Debunked by RJ. Full quote here: http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=161#23
  9. Well my book is on its way ... It's somewhere in the state. I was hoping it might come today, but Amazon shipped it via SmartPost, and no updates indicate that it's out for delivery. I'm somewhat glad I didn't get it Friday or Saturday .. I had a fun weekend, and finished through aCoS on my frantic re-read. I know I won't make it through the rest of the series before aMoL gets here.. And while I'm sad about that, re-reads will have a new, special place in my heart with the series concluded. I am impatient as heck though. I've gone to the full spoiler board and read the titles of the threads. I don't know how I've kept myself from clicking on them, but I have restraint. I remember accidentally spoiling Egwene outing Sheriam as BA while reading about Sheriam on wot wiki. I was only a couple chapters away from it, too! I'm excited to see how this all comes together, and nervous for the ending, but it's only a matter of time now!
  10. I wonder if Rand's looking at the seal's That was one of my first thoughts. But I remember a trip to Shayol Ghul with one of the forsaken (Demandred?) about the holes, the caverns in the ground that could swallow a man or a group of men, all hissing steam. I can only imagine what the place looks like the closer we get to the end, with the ground pockmarked and the power of the GLotD sucking in all light, and hope. I like this memory.. either way!
  11. The conflicting information makes it difficult to discern where this one is going. Rand, though, with LTTs memories, has an interesting reaction. If in fact they were not poisonous in the AoL, his reaction should be a little different. It's confusing without context. Maybe the Seanchan, separated from RL over the years, have no such fears. And Tuon offers him some fruit in their next meeting, or is snacking on them when he arrives? It would almost have to be someone detached from the RL society.. Either someone from the AoL, or someone physically removed from the bulk of Randland over the last age.
  12. Okay, this one makes me laugh. When I first read it, I thought "Peaches!" was a new swear.. Day 27: So did someone eat peaches? Was someone gifted a lovely basket of them? Was there an assassination attempt... with peaches?
  13. The scene just smells of the Min viewing from ToM.. One could argue that those are 2 separate viewings, but in context, it seems like one (semantics, sentence structure). But Min had that vision of Rand.. what on earth does that have to do with him in this context?
  14. While I was an early reader, I was a late bloomer to the genre. I started the Hobbit/LoTR trilogy in Middle School. Aside from that, Harry Potter is the only thing close to the genre I had read before I picked up WoT. I used to play a MUD in my free (and not-so-free!) time, and was involved in a group (or "clan") called The Children of Ba'alzemon.. (only WoT theme group on the MUD!) I hadn't read the series, but was quite intrigued by all of the references I didn't understand! Eventually picked up Eye of the World from a bookstore, and haven't been able to put them down since. I'm reluctant to start another series until this one is finished up.
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