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Need Audio Book suggestions


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Hello all, I need any and all audiobook suggestions.


I am going on a 36 hr drive and I need something to listen to. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to list them.


Genre and length don't matter!


Last time, I listened to Game of Thrones. It wasn't so bad, but I think I want to take a new direction.


If I can't find anything interesting, I'll just buy a Wheel of Time book. I was leaning toward KoD, SR, TDR, TGE, and tEotW in that order.


I saw the following:


The Measure of the Magic: Legends of Shannara

The Name of the Wind

Wizards first rule


My main interests are: Fantasy(duh), religion (evidence and arguments for and against), and politics


any thoughts?

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For whom the bells tolls, or any Hemingway really, does well as audio books.


Stephen King is good for audio books too, It or Salem's Lot perhaps.


The Cuckoo´s Nest.


Blood Meridian or No Country For Old Men by McCarthy.


I would personally recommend against Pratchett, as I don't really enjoy satirical books as audio books. Books like The Master and Margarita and Catch 22 works much better in paper imo.

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for Stephen King, i'd perosnally go for either Geralds Game or Nightmares & Dreamscapes. their short stories, but great reads!



for WoT, personally i can't do the audio books. the people reading them ... i just can't do it.



now if you can do Young Adult literature, i'd highly recomend Harry Potter. Jim Dale does wonderful in his reading of this story and dispite the amount of characters and only one reader, i've listened to the series more than i've read it (which is alot given my love for this particular series)


another is Narnia, it's produced by radio Classic Theater, so theres a full cast of characters and background music even. this makes it very enjoyable and very easy to picture it. again, i've listened to this series multiple times because it's so enjoyable.


these two series, while written for kids are enjoyable to read and listen too as adults because of the adult themes running in them.



for a change from Fantasy genre, i'd suggest "Empire" and "Hidden Empire" by Orson Scott Card. the audio book version of this is great and the reader is wonderful as well; the story is epic imo, and the characters are very enjoyable. now with these, you might want to read the snopsis first, because depending on your political preferance (liberal or conserviative) you might not find the book enjoyable, it has major conservative leanings.

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