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  1. Carridin, I just wish a lightsider or two wouldve suffered the same fate-ish. God damn it, it wouldn't have taken so much. Killed off or turned one or two of the major characters at the hands of forsaken and the whole forsaken suck/plot armor suck issue would've been non existant :(
  2. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  3. Would've been Moggy if she hadn't been such a failure, much like the rest of the forsaken. Who cares about the "chaos" they've created when they lose every fight they´re in? RJ really dropped the ball with the forsaken, sure, let them spread chaos from the shadows and by all means kill off a few, but please, please let them have a win every now and then. Couldn't Semi have killed Min at least? And why in the hell did they make such a fuss about having Graendal deus ex machina out of death, only to fail killing Perrin. I best stop here cause I'll get seriously upset if I keep thinking about how RJ removed all the suspense of the series by having every light sider survive at all costs.
  4. My last hope for any tension before the end died with Semirhage and Graendal.
  5. WoT would be divine if it wasn't so incredibly flawed ;)
  6. No! One was better than the other! Im no LotR fan, but it's only fair to acknowledge how much it influenced WoT.
  7. Probably need a bigger pencil.
  8. Gotta love how the Egwene disciplining Nynaeve discussion died in one stroke by randsc.
  9. Male, 26. Likes: Everyone that moves things forward. Dislikes: The stupid ones and the selfish ones that refuse to see the big picture. Most annoying and stupid of all: Gawyn.
  10. I'm sorry, summoning street toughs and then having almost go through with violently raping Nynaeve isn't torture now? So if someone were about to say something inconvenient to you, you would respond with simulated attempted rape? And Nynaeve is supposed to be someone that Egwene respects and admires? And to top it all of, she later feels PROUD of herself that she's finally 'put Nynaeve in her place'. It was a truly disgusting moment of torture, made worse by the fact that Egwene used it to cover up her own transgressions. As for the Aes Sedai test, intervening when the testers actually are resorting to torture and attempting to make Nynaeve fail with all their might isn't favouritism, it's common damn sense. The test was clearly not impartial and became excessively unfair as time went on. Egwene had a perfectly good reason to stop the test and yet continued on the off chance that stopping it would negatively impact upon her. +1 :)
  11. It's like someone said; what most people say jokingly IRL the WoT people live by. I actually met a guy talking like a WoT person the other day, was one of the most annoying people I've ever met. Anywho, of course there is every type of person IRL, but what passes for the extreme where I come from is the norm in WoT.
  12. +1 to both of randsc´s posts. To juan: How is thinking men need to be controlled for their own good not thinking that they are inferior? I haven't read any WoT book since the last installment, but isn't the men pretty much as bad. Always whining about women and so on? I don't really remember, but I'm sure both sexes have annyoed me a gazillion times with their stereotype sexism. About the RJ quote, if it's supposed to mean that his family were like the WoT women then I'm really sorry for them. To abuse, manipulate, fight and consider every man an infant with hair on his chest, is not qualities I would look for in a woman, nor would I like to see them in myself. On a related topic, it's a wonder we haven't seen homosexual couples in abundance considering how appaled both sexes are by each other. Really, the men vs women theme in WoT is the biggest flaw it has, it's like, good story, cringe time, good story, cringe time, good story, plot armor saves the good guys... ;)
  13. You think there´s a difference between making dollars and making a profit?
  14. My brothers best friend and a friend of mine is gay, and I asked him why he dresses like a slob and he said the gay-fashion thing is a lie, lol. He is more anti-fashion then any I have ever met. As to CR, I fully agree and have been making the same points, especially the bolded parts. This is so true! I can't believe I didn't realise earlier how much money they are going to make by including a gay guy 10.000 pages into the story. Finally WoT can turn a profit!
  15. No, they should get neither. They, and everyone, should be seen as individuals valuable in their own right, not avatars for various socio-political causes. And they, and everyone else, should never seek to control what topics can be the subject of reasoned discourse. They don't though, but sure, in utopia it will be your way.
  16. This thread delivers! :) Except maybe for the last two pages.. Didn't know about Dumbledore, but you got to love it. Adds to the story and upsets the right people... ;) I have no doubt that BS will include this in a good way. I like the Bornhald suggestion, but as long as it's used to explain some characters motivation I see no problem with it. PS, hating anything PC is so radical and cool man! It's so unfair that those minorities get special treatment, when what they really should get is special punishment.
  17. I don't know either way, but I'll add an answer to why she would be compelled to be the Amyrlin rather than to never hunt the BA. Compulsion works much better if the victim is compelled to do something they really want to do rather than something thats the opposite of what they want, Lex Liandrin.
  18. Your sig says otherwise - it labels you as a Christian; or at least someone of an Abrahamic faith, or possibly Islam. That makes total sense, his name is more important than whatever opinion he express.
  19. Would be sweet, have the Shadow finally hurting someone.................... Of course the odds are pretty high on this one ;) but nice catch, been waiting for some theories from you :)
  20. Appointing blame for something that's an obvious plot device... ;) Anyway, if RJ/BS is off the list then it's obviously Verin. If she had said, "read this in 10 days and I'll gateway you to Caemlyn, you are in no way obligated to do what I recommend in the letter as long as you read it". Then there would have been no problem at all, there is no way Mat wouldn't act on that information, so why give him incentive to not read it? Concerning Egwene/Elayne, I think it's too late to expect our heros to in any way prepare for the LB when there's petty politics to focus on.
  21. Lets hope they are overrun by shadow spawn so that the shadow spawn can spread out all over Randland.
  22. Seeing the Seanchan humbled is one of the things I'd really like to see that may actually happen. It's not that the other cultures are so good, but the Seanchan really sicken me. On the other hand, how can anyone be so stupid to keep plotting and fighting among the Light when the DR says over and over that it's time to go? On the third hand, I really dislike the thought of Rand submitting to the Seanchan. To condemn his friends, wives and children to what the a'dam does? I don't care how good the Seanchan treats the Tinkers, it's like the Dark Tower book where the village sacrifices half their children to the wolves ones every generation, it's better to fight and risk dieing than to live like that.
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