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  1. To me ADWD had one big problem, Dany and her storyline, except for that I enjoyed it. I'd say that the jury is still out on whether he brought on too many characters, really depends on how he wraps it up in the last 2-3 books. If it just keeps on growing then I'm totally with you on that, but if they all (most) have a purpose then I'll be fine with it. Even though I didn't really care about Tyrion in a freakshow...
  2. I have a sceptical one but I'm thinking that's not what you are looking for ;)
  3. Wrote something but got pretty off tangent, anyway, I think GRRM has done a lot more to promote the Epic Fantasy Genre than to discourage it. Everytime he spends five years to complete a novel there will be an army of adolescent fantasy readers with a hole in their hearts that needs to be filled with something... I've just picked up ASoIaF so I haven't suffered from it but I've read WoT since the mid nineties so I think I'm entitled to an opinion ;)
  4. The only character that I've felt it was a pity that it was killed off was the Red Viper. Concerning the end of ADWD, I really doubt we have seen the last of that guy. [spoler]You doubt we have seen the last of Oberyn Martell? Clegane killed him on screen... Concerning the end of ADWD Aww sorry mate, read the sentence wrong...and I agree totally. No worries, and about Snow, it will be good to see the series change direction from mostly politics to the fight for mankind's survival. I've enjoyed all the politics and betrayal and insane Cerceis (except for Dany, and especially during ADWD), but now I hope it's time for the Wights to breach the wall down by the water and give westeros a taste of what's to come :D
  5. The only character that I've felt it was a pity that it was killed off was the Red Viper. Concerning the end of ADWD, I really doubt we have seen the last of that guy. Concerning the end of ADWD
  6. The only character that I've felt it was a pity that it was killed off was the Red Viper. Concerning the end of ADWD, I really doubt we have seen the last of that guy.
  7. Don't think anyone is comparing to literature outside the fantasy genre. That would just be silly. Why? Seems to me they will be heading that way and can probably already earn their respect as literature, not "merely" fantasy.
  8. I've spent so much time reading and reading about WoT it's not even funny, done more rereads than I care to remember and enjoyed more well written theories than I can count, I've even managed to convince one or two to read it. But there are so many flaws within the thousands of pages that is WoT that I doubt that it will be remembered for more than its size. WoT is pretty awesome, but it's pretty much the book equivalent of an ongoing comic book. The first couple of story arcs you read are awesome but eventually you realise the the good guys will never lose, the will always be the plot armor to bail them out, sure, when the series is cancelled, the hero might die, but until then there really is no sense of suspense. I'm still a big fan, in a sense, but I doubt future generations will read it, consider, for instance, how much of its popularity (among the "hardcore" following) stems from the theory crafting, something that will cease to exist once the series is concluded. And sure, there's no rule as to what is good literature etc, to each his own, but I can't see WoT being considered a classic in fifty years time or end up on any nifty book of the century list.
  9. To paraphrase a teacher I once had, I'll say that all literature is good for those who enjoy it. I don't really see the merit in comparing WoT and ASoIaF if the goal is to decide which is "better" since they are quite different. However, I think that WoT may be remembered as the first of a new kind of huge epic fantasy whereas ASoIaF might be remembered for its literary merit. WoT is great but I think it has too many blatant flaws to stand the test of time.
  10. I'm half way through the third book, and I'd say that the books really are too different to "compete" Jordan is awesome, but very flawed at the same time. GRRM, I feel like the one above that it drags on a little too much, but you can't speed it up too much either... Anyway, I like Arya, even though she needs to make a "leap" soon. Tyrion is of course great, and theeeen... The rest feel kind of meh, I'm looking forward to the Stannis story line, but perhaps not so many more. Dany though, talk about a boring story line, and I'm so sick of her self righteous attitude "my throne by right, the rightful bla bla bla" and no one (so far) telling her that her father was an insane murderer... Jaime is really growing on me though, but Robb should just die and have his story line done with. Often the foreshadowing feel a little too obvious, but often I'm taken by surprise too...
  11. I really disliked Elantris though, in case anyone cares ;)
  12. Time for you to read Way of Kings then :) Looking back at it, I think I much prefer the first of the three Mistborn novels.
  13. I disagree, I've only read the revised version of the Gunslinger, but the ending alone made it a good book, espepcially considering who wrote it. I like King, but this is one of few of his books that doesn't feel like a Hollywood movie.
  14. Sure, if the cover says Penguin Classics ;) But seriously, I'm rather put off by covers like those above, even though a few of them were nice.
  15. You stop it! The world is either black or white and everything suck except for those things that's the opposite!
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