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If Shayol Ghul were the AL East


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BA = Yankees

SS = Red Sox

Dreadlords = Orioles




You know how some stuff is so ridiculously untrue that it's so funny that you can't stop yourself from laughing??

Well, that's exactly what Womby's post is here. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif



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I'm Cal Ripken Jr.


I agree. You're a legend, but being inactive, can no longer help the disgrace that is your team.


What's that smell?


That smell would be ed. He's the smelly one around here. tongue.gif


I thought all of you smelled.

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And yet, the Orioles are the ones that have all the crabs. So I think the Dreadlords are still coming out on top!*


*I may b a long suffering Orioles fan who has long since resigned herself to her team sucking. I also cheer for the Redskins. Same story, different sport.

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