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Eddie walked into the old Hall that hadn't been used in so long. He walked along the walls, trailing his fingers in the dust and smiling. As his fingers left lines, the Power began to flow from the tips of his fingers, spreading along the wall and onto the floor.

The room was suffused in a myriad of threads, a large, seemingly tangled flow of immense Power, sure to attract everyone around the Tower.


As he got to the small stage located at the front, he let the flow of Saidin begin to slow until there was only one steady stream of Spirit coming from him and shooting straight down into the dancefloor.

He smiled once more and let the flow go, causing a roar and whoosh of air that shook the building itself. But as the air begin to swirl inward, the signs of what he had just done were slowly showing.


The dust cleared, and the lights flickered on. The equipment began to buzz to life, and the decorations he had prepared began to pop into existence in the hall and in the patios.





Eddie grinned because his weave worked. It was highly experimental, and FULL of Taint.

Finally, he opened up a gateway and put his suit on.


He prepared the weave to blast his voice throughout all of the Tower and spoke:





Everyone please enjoy themselves, and once the introductory song is over, go ahead and choose any music you like!


We'd also like to note that we do observe Canada Day for any of those Canadians out there! :smile:


Everyone give a big hand to Talmanes!


Eddie notices Talmanes in the corner, painting.


Hey, what the....don't do that! Please, ignore him. It's only paint.



I hope.




Eddie sets the band to playing the first song before allowing them to take requests.


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You Americans are so much better at celebrating your national day then we are in Sweden. I don´t know why I should celebrate the 4th of July but I like what you have done with this place and I love to dance.


Happy 4th of July all americans!



Oh, is it pudding over there?!

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Hey Tina!


*grabs her hand and bows, kissing the back of her hand as he does*

Wonderful to see you here. Would you care to dance?


You can pick any music you'd like.


You're looking lovely tonight. You should show everyone what you're wearing. :wink:



(psst, post a picture of a dress or whatnot. hehe)

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Leelou! Welcome!

Trying to sneak a post in as I'm replying, are we?! *chuckles* It's ok though.


*drags Tina over to have a big dance with Leelou*




*sighs exasperatingly at the newbies*

Gotta show what you're wearing!

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*finishes twirling Leelou and picks up Tina*


You didn't get inside the lines Leelou! haha


Looking good Tina.



Hey, you gotta love my outfit. Even if it an awesome Mask of Mirrors that doesn't get disrupted with all this contact. lolz

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*wanders in carrying a bunch of fireworks*


*kicks at ugly little ... whateveryacallits trying to hump his leg*


GET BACK! *kicks on in the face sending it flying*


HEY EVERYONE *stommps on another head* These things were Hogging all the fun toys *trips over a mangled Whatsit and crashes into candlestick sending all the fireworks Shooting thoughout the building causing the spectacular big booms and whoshing noises that only explosives could make* IT WASENT Me!


What the... *pats head* MY HEADS ON FIRE!!!


*runs in circles in a panic while being chased by the twisted mongrels behind him*


*dunks flaming head in nearby punch bowl*



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*laughs* I didn't think you'd like the Independence Day part Talya. lolz


But that is why I made sure to include everyone. This is as much a party for Talmanes as for our holiday.



*sighs* Questy, I hope you know there are more clones and you won't survive.



Good thing those Illuminators CAN channel.

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At least the colours are right...hehe red white and blue! ;)


Besides, I like just to wind you up, though seriously...there has been too much joviality since I resigned...I'm getting the picture ...*goes off to eat all the food* :(

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Ahhh Talya, it's ok!


We totally don't think that we got the new, young business man for the old outdated lady. :laugh:




We're more celebrating all that you did for this Org. Seriously, thank you, you did A LOT. :wub:

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more huh


*quickly spins into a hunting outfit*


Lets kill some buggers


*pulls out explosive tip crossbow with slight of hand perk, and picks up a Famas with reflex sight*


Lock and load


*Runs cover and starts the game*

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