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(Moved from Tinker DG) Welcome to our Fires!

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[sorry William and Salome, but I couldnt let this forum sit here untouched!]


Welcome all to the land of the Tinkers! Come join us! Warm yourself by our fires and celebrate in dance and song!


*strikes up a band and begins leading in a rendition of the Tiganza*


Come on, everyone!! :D

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haha! I didn't know until I visited the Blue AJah ezboard!


Wow, I can't believe DM is fianlly back up!


*starts dancing around in joy*


*goes over to dance with Nemo*

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Do the Tinkers have their own Avys and Siggys? I'm sure someone could design it for you in the Artist Org. They are taking requests last I checked. Or you can tap into geniuses in the Tower, like Rai or Cleo. I know she's made A TON! :)

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