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  1. As far as darkfriends... I'm not sure. I mean, on the one hand, if the Dark One wants servants everywhere, there's nothing really preventing someone from pretending to follow the Way. And I guess if a Tuatha'an were really committed to The Way but wanted power or something... I don't know, it does seem like the Tuatha'an mindset would be really at odds with service to the Dark One. That's an interesting question, actually... What would a Tinker Darkfriend look like? Anyways, what comes to mind when I think of the Way (especially as it was followed by the Da'shain Aiel) is Jesus' "Sermon o
  2. I agree, for the most part. Two-Rivers was an exception though, because of the blood of Manetheren running so strong there. I would expect that most nationalities don't have such a high proportion of those who can learn to channel, and the Tuatha'an would be similar. Also, despite the Aes Sedai's ability to travel, Tinkers will still be harder to find than most, after all, they move around a lot. It's not a matter of covering ground because Tinkers don't move too fast, it's a matter of knowing where they are. They might actually have better luck catching up to a caravan on horseback than by Tr
  3. I think we're probably talking only about Wilders in this case - those who are capable are learning most likely just go unrecruited. (also, the Tuatha'an are not pureblood Aiel - they include many who have joined from various nationalities over the many years, so there's plenty of chance for channelers to be born among the) As far as male wilders, I would guess that when they eventually start causing trouble the Reds come and get them.....
  4. I doubt they weren't impressed. ;) I rather suspect that they felt they couldn't possibly be worthy to follow your post. ;)
  5. And the Light watches over us all, always. Thank you, Grandfather.
  6. I think you have a license to forget. ;) All those memories you've stored up over your years, you know? ;)
  7. Hahaha! Hi, Gramps! :D Can we have another story soon, pretty please!?! ;) How are you doing?
  8. Yay! ^^ I wonder how Pol's idea is coming along. . . ;)
  9. All three entries were very good, but the Mahdi declares that Cadsuane won the Tuatha'an Poetry contest! ;)
  10. Well, we're looking at getting wireless options, actually. Dunno if it's available where we are though. But yah, Aunty Shi is full rank. And she still needs to add the "S" to her sig ;)
  11. Yay! So you're going to post in other threads instead, right?
  12. There's kinda a difference. ;) But anyway, he's already our honorary gleeman. *nod*
  13. 'Larmie can't leave!! *clings her* :P
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