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June report - WT RP


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Please post your reports here! Please have your reports posted by NO LATER THAN the 8th so Elgee can get hers in by the 10th. Thanks everyone.


Please read this thread for further info on how (and why) we would prefer you do your monthly report: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/49596-reports-what-are-needed-and-why/




1) Total: [amount] Members, [amount] characters (that would be Active + Inactive]


New: [amount] Members, [amount] characters (also add them to Active, or Inactive if they've not yet RPed as full AS)

full handle - full character name


Active: [amount] Members, [amount] characters

full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character, ie Oct 2010)


Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): [amount] Members, [amount] characters

full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character)


MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): [amount] Members, [amount] characters

full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character)


2) RP's done by Ajah characters during [insert month]


3) Problems, ideas, etc[



Example of 1:


(let’s say it's for June)


1) Total: 8 Members, 9 Characters (that would be Active + Inactive)


New: 2 Members, 2 characters

Phelix - Elin Hawes

Chikara - Bennu Abravanel


Active: 4 Members, 5 characters

Elgee - Zarinen Rafaliva (April 2010)

Phelix - Elin Hawes (June 2010)

Taei - Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon (June 2010)

U4ea - Loraine Kilaine (June 2010)

U4ea - Peggy Smith (May 2010)


Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): 4 Members, 4 characters

Chikara - Bennu Abravanel (not yet RPed)

Elgee (Sitter - active OOC) - Larindhra Reyne (Jan 2010)

Lavinya - Lavinya Morganen (July 2009)

Miya- Miya Kiyoshi (March 2010)


MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): 12 Members, 17 characters

Jaydena - Jaydena MacAntur (June 2009)

Jaydena - Peggy Sue Parker (2007)

WhiteWolf (Bio Checker - active OOC) - Cara Ramsey (2008)



2) RP's done by Ajah characters during [insert month]

Elgee - Larindhra Reyne – Red Sitter


Your presence is required - http://www.dragonmou...ce-is-required/

Timeline: 995 NE

Two Old Biddies plot and plan – Salidar novices are born. Darkfriend shenanigans included.

Sisterly Love - http://www.dragonmou...-sisterly-love/

Timeline: N&A Retro

With Accepted Miahna “Mimi” Telonne (Keyholder21)


Elgee - Zarinen Rafaliva - Red Ajah Head

Putting Two and Two together - http://www.dragonmou...d-two-together/

Timeline: 1000 NE (current)

More Ajah Heads find each other.



Reports to be done by:


MoN - done

Black - done

Blue - done

Brown - LOA

Gray -

Green -

Red - done

White -

Yellow -done

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Current Member Lists:


Black Ajah: 3





Blue Ajah: 6






Kathleen (playing NSW)


Brown Ajah: 4






Gray Ajah: 5



Jagen Sedai




Green Ajah: 6



Leala Gymorraine


Rasheta Ardashir



Red Ajah: 7

Arath Faringal


Jagen Sedai






White Ajah: 5

Leala Gymorraine






Yellow Ajah: 7



Jagen Sedai





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I have some holidays starting tomorrow and should be gone (but I probably won't be). In case I am I'm posting today. I'll edit if we get any new posts or new RPs today though.



June Report for the Black Ajah



1)Members Info:


Total: 3


Members: 3

Characters: 4


New: 0


Members: 0

New Characters: 1


NSW Head (currently Kathleen) - Alia Mariadoon (Blue Ajah) - Not yet posted


Active: 2

Members: 2

Characters: 2


Kathleen - Seherai Mori (Yellow Ajah) Last Active - June 2011

Liitha - Cemarillinin Adoa (Green Ajah) Last Active - June 2011



Inactive: 1

Members: 1

Characters: 1


Eqwina -

Eqwina al'Caupthn (Yellow) Last Active - IC: Sept. 2010 OOC: June 2011


2) RPs done in June 2011

Seheria Sedai (Kathleen), Cemarillinin Sedai (Liitha)

A bit of tea on the dark side

*mumbles something about whats going on* We're in the Borderlands...Seheria is about to meet Cemarillinin.

Status: Ongoing


Seheria Sedai (Kathleen)

Hunting the Hunter

Status: Ongoing


Yellow Ajah E&E Saga. Next installment. Where we finally find the killer and it all comes out! Wait...no it doesn't! Seheria will see that it doesn't at all costs! But we do find the killer :)


3) Problems, ideas, etc


OOC News

I updated the OOC Boards adding a thread for planning RPs for our members. I took Boopsy's idea of having Report Threads for each Character that people will update for their own character every month with a list of links to their RPs they were active in that month. Its easier to sort out who is playing as their black and who is just playing as their fake ajah.


There is an offer for an interdivision RP with Slayer from the CotS. I let my Blacks know about it but there have been no replies yet.


Other than that things have been all focused on IC things! (throuh PMs -- cause we're sneaky like that..don't want all you spying eyes seeing our plans :P) But really it was just day after day of rewriting the bio for the head and plotting how she will take over...


IC News

Eqwina's hard work on the numerous rewrites for the new Ajah Head have finally paid off! Alia Mariadoon Sedai's bio has been approved and CC'd! We now have a brand new NSW BA Head!

There are plans in the works for rping out the downfall of the previous Head now that we have a new one! Eqwina will still be on the Council, because she knows too much to just leave, and it would be a shame to have to kill off someone who could still serve a purpose. Oh, and cause we loves her too....yes..loves.


The Yellows, Blues and Blacks are still doing the interdivision RP (with the FL) based on the BA having hired some people to kill the E&E. Seheria (Kathleen's Black Sister) has hired the killer then lead the Yellows to him to be able to control how it all ends. This had snagged again on the Y/B side but yesterday it started up again in the way of a new thread being started to jump ahead past where we were stuck.


I still need to think up more ways to convert, erm, recruit? new members to the Best Ajah <.< Black Ajah.. I've been spending more time in the Welcome Boards trying to see if there is any interest out there, but I'll have to think of ways to trick people into joining.


On a good note the 3 people who are active now were all not active at the time that I joined, and they have all stayed active for this whole month, if only OOC. We all have plans to be more active IC as well. (really truely...well thought out plots for rps to really really do!)

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1. Member and Character Count


Total members: 8 members, 8 characters


Active: 4 members, 4 characters


Amadine al'Varine (Amadine) - last RPed 2011 May

Seharia Mori (Kathleen) - last RPed 2011 June

Carys Demot (KeyHolder21) - last RPed 2011 June

Camigwen Klatsang Marivin (Wayward_Fool) - last RPed 2011 May


New: 0 member, 0 character


Inactive: 4 members, 4 characters (*'s for different last post dates than were reported on previous reports)


Eqwina al'Caupthn(Eqwina) - last RPed 2010 September

Celestine Erebruz (Jagen Sedai) – last RPed 2010 December

Kate Al'Ker (Matalina) - last RPed 2011 March*

Nynaeve Maryim (Nynaeve) - last RPed 2010 November



2. RP's in June 2011:



DM Handle: keyholder21

Character: Carys Demot

1) A bond of hope: Destination Cairhien - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60641-a-bond-of-hope-destination-cairhien-attn-carys-sedai/

Carys and Elessar bond while Carys is out in the city hunting some E&E killer!


DM Handle: Kathleen

Character: Seheria Mori

1) A bit of tea on the dark side - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/50403-a-bit-of-tea-on-the-dark-side/page__pid__1801882#entry1801882 - June 2011

*blushes* not actually sure exactly where we are or what we're doing, but its a BA RP...I'll get back to this..Seheria is meeting a fellow black sister.

2) Hunting the Hunter - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60957-hunting-the-hunter/ - June 2011


3. Ideas:


- I'm not sure what Boopsy's plans are.


4. Problems:


Boopsy is still somewhat out of commission. He was in throughout the month from time to time, but did not get to post in the E&E RP this month. We skipped ahead in the story line with a new thread so we didn't have to wait for inactives any longer. We all hope Boopsy is doing ok and miss him lots and lots and bunches!

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How long do you keep them as active members Elgs? Also, do I count Kat's NSW as a Blue?




Blue Ajah Report May 2011


1) Total: 4 Members, 4 Characters


Active: 3 Members, 3 characters

KeyHolder21: Miahna “Mimi” Telonne Sedai (June 2011)

Phelix: Gera Mondwin Sedai (April 2011)

Wayward_Fool: Regalia "Ray-ray" Frantelle Sedai (May 2011)

Kathleen: NSW Black Head Alia Mariadoon (not yet RPed; created June 2011)


MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): 3 Members, 3 characters

Elyssa: Elyssa Lliet

Miya: Miya Kiyoshi (Feb 2010 - http://www.dragonmou...riend-atn-alin/)

SerenaMorrigan: Serena Morrigan (July 2010)



2) RPs done by Ajah characters during May:

KeyHolder21 – Miahna “Mimi” Telonne – Blue Aes Sedai


A. Striking Out: http://www.dragonmou...2-striking-out/

Status: Ongoing

Timeline: Current

-Miahna and Regalia set out toward Cairhien to investigate the death of Yellow Eyes and Ears.


B. Saidin 101 : http://www.dragonmou...704-saidin-101/

Status: Ongoing; stalled (last post in January)

Timeline: Current

-Miahna attends the class on Saidin instructed by Arath Faringal.




Wayward_Fool - Regalia "Ray-ray" Frantelle - Blue Aes Sedai


A. Striking Out: http://www.dragonmou...2-striking-out/

Status: Ongoing

Timeline: Current

-Miahna and Regalia set out toward Cairhien to investigate the death of Yellow Eyes and Ears.




Phelix - Gera Mondwin - Blue Aes Sedai

A. Intrigue in Murandy: http://www.dragonmou...82#entry1818382

Status: Ongoing

Timeline: Current

-Gera sets out to find Salidar novices, but finds something else as well.


3) Problems, ideas, etc


Currently still doing the Blue and Yellow Inter-Ajah rp about the death of Yellow Eyes and Ears. After that I was thinking about doing something involving Mimi leading a Black Ajah hunt....but I need to talk to Elgee first *laughs*.

Edited by keyholder21
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Active: posted in the past 3 months

Inactive: not posted in the past 3 months, but have posted in the 9 months preceding

MiA: not posted in the past 12 months - will be removed from usergroup and bio will need to be re-approved


And whyyyyy do my links keep breaking? *throws a frothy*


Ooooh ... talk to me! But next week, when I hopefully haz a brain again ... lol

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Mistressof Novices Report – June 2011


Total Members: 49 Members / 52Characters


Total Active Members: 3 Members /3 Characters


Total Inactive Members: 17Members / 17 Characters


Total MIA Members: 21 Members /23 Characters


Characters Never Roleplayed: 9Members / 9 Characters


New Members since last report:(2) OtpelkCainam - SoraMantolias; Meirgan- MeirganTawin


ActiveMembers - RPed in the past 3 months (3 members/3 characters)


DM Handle - Character - Last RPed




Amore - AmoreLe’fay - April 2011

Kelitor - YkoriaEranyame - May 2011

SerickKerani - MylaneDadric - May 2011


Salidar Novices














InactiveMembers - RPed in last 3 -12 months (17 members/17 characters)


Traditional Novices

AllisiaSedai - Allisia Mirobell - August 2010

Chikara - FiannaBashalde - October 2010

Christine -AlienaHalinor - March 2011

DarthRand- DyrumAlede - July 2010

Little Miss- Lyrade la Courcel - February 2011

Minisamus- RydiaBurgess - November 2010

poetstorm- CailleanWindham - March 2011

Pookie - YovelaUmika - July 2010

Taren - AlianorTarawindred - March 2011

VisarFalmaien - Rytali Basim - August 2010









AraniLepenque Aes Sedai - Wilemi Kailadel - October 2010 (bio link unavailable)

LealaGymorraine - LealaGymorraine - March 2011

Myrenna - AurianeFeidwyn - March 2011

Raeyn - MilandraBasene - October 2010

Taymist - KiyissalleChevra - October 2010

Taei - KasiDuvan - July 2010





Grimm - NannaTarquin - February 2011



Members MiA – have not RPed in over 12 months (21members/23 characters)




Craftyreader- ElodyYates - April 2010

Elliara - IraleiaSurevin (Temarelin) - January 2010

Far DareisMai - Daraniea Rysted - December 2009

Jehaine - AerynShainrahien - August 2009

Kenny - VencaKonora - October 2009

Knytiri - KnytiriSari'drea - March 2010

Lavinya - EvalinePerry - November 2009

LT.Nolan0347- EirenSaga - March 2010

Marta Sedai- MartaAlcair - April 2010

Maryam - MaryamAldevwin - March 2010

Perine - KalindeYarrah - March 2010

Questor - RosaliaMeneril - January 2010

SerenaMorrigan- N'DayeKishar - December 2009

Serey - SereyDorrin - December 2009

TaiDashan- Evanen Phaedrein - December 2009

Tigara - AllrianneViventi - January 2009

Wintrow - PatienceTilly - March 2010








AraniLepenque Aes Sedai - Nenen Kailadel - April 2010 (bio link unavailable)

AraniLepenque Aes Sedai - Nesyer Yoshan - March 2010 (bio link unavailable)

Jehaine - JeriniaZaralyn - February 2010

Kara_J - DeanneHeillan - March 2010

Moseley - SalandrianFaerhind - April 2010

Tigara -Melianna Hollmen - December 2009







Characters Never Roleplayed (9 members/9 characters)




Kathryna - GatlinChanse - Joined October 2009

Meirgan - MeirganTawin - Joined June 2011

MoonLily - AierelynTasriande - Joined April 2011

MyriamFinnash - Myriam Finnash - Joined May 2010

nibor-905- HeldahDovna- Joined April 2011

Nyannaal’Meara - Nyannaal’Dyn - Joined October 2010

Pankhuri -PankhuriXena - Joined March 2011

OtpelkCainam - SoraMantolias - Joined June 2011

Zhoaya - ZhoayaFaidhul - Joined January 2011




RolePlays for May






Fromthe desk of the Mistress of Novices...


This month we moved a lot ofthreads from the Main WT RP board into the newly created Novice and AcceptedQuarters board, where all initiate Retro threads will take place from now on. Theonly Retro threads left on the main board are those by Aes Sedai characters.


Raised to Accepted




Raised to the Shawl



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Report for the RED AJAH – June 2011


1) Total: 7 Members, 8 characters (that would be Active + Inactive]


New: 0 Members, 0 characters


Active: 2 Members (4 Characters)

Elgee - Larindhra Reyne - Red Sitter - Feb 2011

Elgee - Zarinen Rafaliva - Red Ajah Head - May 2011

Phelix - Elin Hawes (temp link) - Red Aes Sedai - April 2011



Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): 5 Members (5 Characters)

Arath Faringal - Rochel Dion - Red Aes Sedai - Jan 2011

Jagen Sedai - Jagen Halin – Red Sitter – Nov 2010

Kara_J - Raslyn Altearin - Feb 2010

Muirenn OOC 19.01.2010 - Shevara Edosian – Nov 2009

Minisamus - Saline Wastrel – Red Aes Sedai - Oct 2010


Removed from Usergroup: 0 new


Character Retired / Deceased

Aubrey - Maegan Ryanne – 28-12-2009 – RETIRED August 2010

MiA - not RPed in 12 months

Carise (Carise Doraile - Aes Sedai

Faile? (Faile al´Rahien - Aes Sedai (MIA Left the Site.)

Lyanna (Lauren Arrel - Aes Sedai

Rayne - Rayne Leséduire - Aes Sedai

Tigara - Jasmyne Ceres – Jan 2010 (he has given us permission to NSW his character should we need to, as long as we stay true to her character and email him the links to any RPs done)

Zania - Zania al'Denai - Aes Sedai




2) RP's done by Ajah characters during June 2011





3) Problems, ideas, etc

The problem is still inactive members, including myself.

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Sorry for this being so late, Elgee! I'm digging my way out, I swear!



June Report for the Green Ajah


1) Total:

Members, 5

characters 6


New: 0






Members, 3

characters 4

Ajah Head- Amena Linoram- April 2011

Eqwina- Kabria Delondre- March 2011

Kathleen- Kathleen Vandiar- June 2011

Rasheta Ardashir- Rasheta Ardashir- May 2011

U4ea-Loraine Kilaine- April 2011


Inactive (not RPed in past 3-11 months):

Members 2

characters 2

Liitha- Cemarillinin Adoa- July 2010

Jaydena- Jaydena Mckanthur- October 2010


MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval):

Members 1

Characters 1

Quibby- ???- ???



2) RP's done by Ajah characters during May










Intrigue in Murandy

Interdivision RP with FL. Kat borrows Rashi's Warder to help with a political issue between a Lady of one land and a neighboring Lord of another and we's gonna deal with some bandits cause Greens can't go anywhere with out having some fun! Gera of the Blues comes too.



What will get us First?

I is going to play Whack-a-trolloc! Kats battle weaves and a fight with the Light! (the children of the Light, of course)






3) Problems, ideas, etc

Babies, School plans, get together hosting and out of town guests, oh my! *sighs* I need to kill something... *eyes Amadacia*

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