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Hi im a new member here. Ive been reading in the forum for some while but only recently decided to become a member.

Right now im doing a re-read and i just begun reading A crown of swords. I started reading the series the first

time some ten years ago.

About me: Im 25, male, swedish and im studying enviromental science.


Cheers! =)

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Hi there DigitalSoul - welcome to DM :biggrin:


So what about the WoT interests you so much that it led you to finally joining up?


Thanks! As someone here wrote, im a WoT addict=) I somewhat lost interest between book

8 - 11 but regained it during TGS. I then decided to do a reread. Since it was like 10 years ago

i read it the first time i had forgotten alot and ive enjoyed every moment so far.

I really like to read about peoples theories here at DM, there is alot of mysteries left in WoT=)

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


It looks like we are being invaded my Swedes at the moment! Anyway, enjoy browsing the site and don't hesitate to ask us any questions if you want help or advice!

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hey welcome around, so you looking to debate theories? just being social, or maybe write a bit yourself in the setting of wheel of time through the rp?


Thanks! I just enjoy reading peoples theories. Really found it exiting about the BUT in book 4 - 6 or there is a ---- in the blight things=)

Didnt know about them before i came to DM.

Its nice to come in touch with likeminded people!=)

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