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  1. Dont think the horn was made in the first age?
  2. ive read that series, i liked it, but i was proabably a little to young by the time. has he written any other fantasy/scifi series? Oh yes, Wolfe has written plenty. THE BOOK OF THE NEW SUN has five books in all: The Shadow of the Torturer, The Claw of the Conciliator, The Sword of the Lictor, The Citadel of the Autarch, and The Urth of the New Sun. There are two other series set in the same universe, called THE BOOK OF THE LONG SUN and THE BOOK OF THE SHORT SUN. There are also shorter, stand-alone novels in the fantasy genre such as Castleview, Free Live Free, Peace, There Are Doors, and others. More recently Wolfe has written a two-novel sequence set in one of the most interesting, unique fantasy worlds ever created, whose titles are The Knight and The Wizard. Maybe Ill check it out, right now im listening to The dark tower series by Stephen King, really good.
  3. macchu picchu wasnt a port town and its also in the wrong part of the world. south america is proabably in seanchen
  4. I've always been intrigued by those contrails. I've theorized for a while now that there could still be satellites in orbit that have not decayed from the Age of Legends. What if in an alternate universe there were folks who never returned from manned space stations in orbit and instead witnessed in horror the Breaking. They stayed in space and tried to preserve humanity in that new setting (space--who knows, the space stations from the AoL could have been nig enough to support a community fo humans). I think perhaps 3,000 years would be a long time, but what if they were puit into suspended animation? Maybe what Rand saw was a recon group from orbit surveying the planet to see if it was habitable? Ive also always been intrigued by them. Cant anyone ask BS about them?=)
  5. ive read that series, i liked it, but i was proabably a little to young by the time. has he written any other fantasy/scifi series?
  6. I know that i didnt find COT nearly as bad on my reread as i did the first time i read it. I guess i would be similar for you, when you know there is alot of books ahead that are waiting for you to read them, you dont get so irritated at the slow parts of the series.
  7. Which "old friends" do u think we will see leading the forces of the shadow in the last battle?
  8. Tuon said that it would be worth loosing the entire raiding party if it gained Traveling for the Seanchan. She got her wish and managed to keep half the raiders and grab forty Aes Sedai in the bargain. I don't doubt she was doing cartwheels in her head when she got the news. so was the purpose of the raid to learn travelling? they got like 200 channelers from the shaido, 40 doesnt seem to many compared to that.
  9. Even if you were a very unpleasent, cruel and greedy person, would it be worth the cost to become a darkfriend? Many darkfriends have suffered terrible fates, not just in the hands of the lightsided charkters. Many have been hurt, tortured and hummiliated by other darkfriends, forsaken or the dark one himself. For example a much larger percentage of the black sisters have suffered terrible fates than "light" sisters have.
  10. Was the Seanchen raid aganist Tar Valon succesfull? They captured 40 Aes Sedai and learned travelling. I wonder how many they lost? Surely half of the elite soldiers, that might not have been a very big loss but the also lost like 30(?) To raken. That might have been a bigger loss. I wonder how many damanae they lost? Offcourse learning travelling made it all worth while, but had it been otherwise?
  11. Is it not really funny when Mat makes up backgroundstories for everyone who is gonna go into the village where Verin is in TGS?=)
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