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Two and a Half Men reboot?


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With Charlie Sheen gone, CBS' "Two and a Half Men" looks like it's about to undergo a reboot reports MSNBC.


Series creator Chuck Lorre has reportedly already come up with an idea for a series reboot which would include Jon Cryer cast alongside a new character.


The likes of Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget, Jeremy Piven, and Cuba Gooding Jr. have all been floated as possibilities. It's also likely the kid, Angus T. Jones, would return for the reboot.


Meanwhile, Sheen is still desperately trying to win back his job with the actor reportedly holding meetings with other cast members to try and win their support for his return. The studio however has adamantly declared they don't want him back.


Official plans are expected to be revealed at the network's upfront presentation next month.

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Well that was just my opinion. I found the whole thing pretty good up until the fourth season, where I thought the Charlie's whole story was just ridiculous and Jon Cryer's acting was just over the top and dreadful. But I guess that happens in all TV Shows when the writers don't know what else to do.

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Personally I hope they make the series funny this time around. I know everyone will disagree with me but the episodes I caught was more slapsticky one liners and less geniune humor.


This. I never did like the show.

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Don't worry!!!! They found a replacement :P


CBS’ Monday night is falling apart as fans of “Two and A Half Men” tire of repeats, and CBS is bringing back new, Sheen-free episodes next fall.


Pretty boy Ashton Kutcher (“That ‘70s Show”) just closed a deal to replace Sheen after talks with Hugh Grant (whose “About A Boy,” I always assumed, was the inspiration for the sitcom) fell apart.


Kutcher’s feature credits include “What Happens in Vegas,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Killers” and “No Strings Attached.”

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Why didn't they just spin the show off? Jake is old enough now for his own show.


John Cryer and Ashton Kutcher is a bad combo in my mind. They are too alike... both are tall, squirrely personalities, and somewhat effeminate. Charlie was a good sour counter Cryer's cheeriness. Now that is lost. Although Jake has been acting a lot like Charlie recently, so I imagine that he will get most of Charlie's old lines.

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